10 Different Styles For Balayage Dark Hair

Balayage on dark hair styles are still and will forever be trending for women. “Balayage” is a French word which means to paint or sweep. The technique involves colouring your hair without the foils or caps which allow the highlight to be uniformed. The highlights aren’t strategically placed which gives your hair length as well as depth.

When done correctly, the style will be extremely flattering for every hair type and texture. Lastly, when your hair starts to grow out, there will be no need for a touch-up. Although the technique has been around for centuries, it has become popular lately.

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Celebrities are wearing it, there are wigs and weaves that are “balayaged” and so much more. The usual colours were auburn, brunette, brown but now we’ve branched out into different colours such as silver, blonde, and even blue! As you can see people are finding different ways to keep the technique fresh.

Here are 10 different styles for balayage on dark hair:

1.Silver Gray Balayage

balayage dark hair

Do you remember storm from X-Men? This balayage will have you looking like her. This style is great especially if you have grey strands as you get older because it will blend beautifully. The gray hair trend started a couple years back, however, it won’t die anytime soon. You can see that her hair is sterling silver specifically at the bottom but as you go up it transitions well into a different shade. It is a beautiful hairstyle that can be done this winter!

2. Ashy Balayage

Black Ash Balayage

Ashy balayage is a cool-toned style. The colour isn’t too bright nor is it too dark. Her hair has dark charcoal highlights towards the ends. Then, as you move up less charcoal was used to give the ashy look. So, your hair will look like a fresh yet messy hair. Also, the layers add texture to the hair similarly to the colour. You can even curl the ends to give it a refreshing look. A very minimalistic hairstyle for a minimalistic girl.

3. Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Balayage On Black Hair

We could not have shown you a blonde balayage on dark hair. Firstly, this style will take a long time to achieve since you are going from dark hair to blonde hair. If you do use a licenced professional, they will be able to achieve this superb style. Also, they will be able to allow your dark hair to mix beautifully with your [new] blonde hair without one outshining the hair. In the end, you will be looking like a perfect dirty blonde. Ensure to clip the ends of your hair to give a more even and polished look.

4. Brunette Balayage

Brunette Balayage On Black Hair

If you have shiny black hair, and ever wanted to be a brunette, now’s your chance. Your dark hair will be easy to get to the brunette colour than blonde. Depending on your shade of dark hair and the length of time you keep the colour in, the highlights may be a mixture between hazelnut, mocha and brunette. This hairstyle is perfect for any event or season.  The brunette balayage is a beautiful hairstyle that will have all eyes on you.

5. Pink Balayage

Rose Gold Melt balayage

This style is perfect for you if you want pink or even rose gold hair. This balayage has a warm undertone that will work perfectly for any hair length. The transition from the dark hair at the roots to this sunset, pink, and rose gold shade towards the end is absolutely amazing. It not only adds texture and depth to the style. To achieve the exact look that you want to ensure to get your hair done by a licenced professional so that there are no mishaps.

6. Brick Red Balayage

Burgundy Red Balayage On Black Hair

Dark hair and red will always go well together. The red balayage makes your hairstyle look unique while seamlessly blending at the same time.The brick red balayage is bold yet beautiful. It is perfect for any length as well as hair type.  If you want to use this hairstyle, ensure to get it done by a professional hairstylist!

7. Streaked Blue Balayage

Streaked Blue Balayage On Black Hair

This hairstyle will be giving you mermaid vibes, especially if you curl the ends. The blue highlights are seamlessly placed along the length of your hair, especially at the ends. It is a beautiful style that can work with different colours. You can experiment with different colours for your hair using the strikedbalayage colour.

8. Lavender Balayage

Lavender Balayage On Black Hair

Another cool toned hairstyle. Lavender transitions well with dark hair because of its cool undertone. You can even get a sunset or pink balayage suing the lavender depending on how long you leave the colour in your hair. As you can see it adds depth as well as texture to the model’s tresses.

9. Green Hue Balayage

Green Hued Balayage On Black Hair

Green Hued Balayage is another unique colour. Green blends well with dark hair because of the cool undertone. The dark green hue will not have your hair looking crazy. It blends beautifully with your dark hair. You can spice up your hairstyle by wearing it short like the model. As well as, cutting it into a bob or an asymmetrical bob. This will add depth as well as texture to your hair. Green is definitely another colour that has won people’s hearts.

10. Auburn Balayage

Auburn Balayage On Black Hair

Last but not least is auburn balayage. This hairstyle is perfect for the fall season. It has a warm undertone that seamlessly blends with your dark hair. Depending on how long you keep the colour in your hair will have a mixture of auburn, red and even pink! You will be looking like a beautiful glowy sunset.

Out of these 10 balayage dark hair styles, there is one for you. You can play it safe with normal colours or go bold with the striking colours. Styling your hair with curls, or cuts, or keeping it straight will aid in you switching up your look. These are all attainable on dark hair as per the models. What colour balayage do you do on your dark hair?


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