100 Best Hairstyles For Men – Semi Long Men’s Haircut 2021


A mid-length haircut is the perfect choice for any man who wants to make an elegant change, but without maintenance. This style has been in fashion for decades and it is finally in vogue again!

To help you find the mid-length haircut of your dreams, we’ve compiled 100 of our favorite hairstyles that will certainly give you inspiration.

Men's Haircut Mi Long 2021

Men’s-mi long haircut – 9 Tips and tricks

Just because you don’t wear a Mohawk or an elaborate haircut doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time styling and maintaining the quality of your mid-length hair. With these easy tips and tricks, you can take your hair from dull to dapper.

  1. Start with clean, towel-dried hair.
  2. Using a hair dryer, start directing air to the top of the scalp until it is completely dry.
  3. Use a brush to remove any unwanted volume on the top and sides.
  4. If you have wavy hair, work with a matte paste or cream.
  5. If you have straight hair, try a shinier wax. For a wet look, comb your still damp hair with a rinse-free conditioner from root to tip.

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Expert Tip: On Mid Long Men’s HairCuts

  1. The current look for medium hair is basically short hair that has grown slightly, just above the ears. Whatever you do, don’t style them too much, you want the hair to have a natural texture and a matte finish.
  2. The good thing about mid-length cuts is that they are very versatile and with the right products you can have a new look every day.
  3. Many men don’t wash their hair properly, but if you want to let it grow, it’s essential to use a good one. shampoo and a good conditioner to keep them beautiful.
  4. Cutting is really important. Be sure to ask your hairdresser for a square shape, because if the cut is too round, it will look feminine.

Check out some of the medium haircuts (men’s haircut mid long) below as well as our expert tips on how to maintain them (the end).

Men's-mid long haircut: Tips and tricks, High volume curls

Rough and rusty texture

All about textured fringes

Curly strands with a subtle part

Open scarf brushed on the side

Combed stroller with long beard

Medium length wavy mess

Fine hair brushed back with temple shaving

Long-haired blond hair

The breeze in complete freedom

Pushed side locks

The hair is cleanly swept back in this immaculate style. The sculpted line behind the ear gives personality to the cup and prevents it from being "too perfect".

This style helps keep the hair away from the face. Cleaning sides with a temple gradient is a new approach to this desirable length.

Men's HairCut 2021 slit on the side

Wicks everywhere

Strands All Over The Place

Quiff disoriented

Rust brown free wicks. Semi-long hair is the median length of hair. Rusty brown is the median color. This rich tone is between blonde and black and perfectly complements loose locks.

High volume brushing

Mid-part wicks

Classic short cut and high

Long strands pushed back

Bulky top and tapered sides

Classic cut on scissors

medium scissor cut

The natural middle part

The wavy scissor cup

This hairstyle can be surprisingly different depending on whether it is styled or not, and it is beautiful in both cases.

brushing and crossfade

curly hair

Regulations inspired by the medium cut

Stylish brushing and low fade

Natural part and blonde locks

Occasional strands

Long upper strands with tapered strands

Straight and fluid dyed hair

Front caramel locks

Braided hat with wavy temple

Twisted rug with puffy top

Strands wavy back and pushed with flakes

Winter is the perfect season to let your hair grow a little longer than usual, a great way to welcome the extra heat!

Faded sides and long wavy top

The classic man with the side cut

Discolored curly strands on top

Partial Mohawk Looped

Long, fluid and faded wings

High volume buckles with wicks

High volume buckles with wicks

These beautiful curls deserve to shine on stage and I’m sure this BCBG look can be achieved by anyone. Be sure to specify the length of the fringe, because it is a very important part of hairdressing.

Sneaky long locks

Sneaky long locks

There is something diabolical about this haircut. This could be the insolent way curls come together and the super avant-garde favorites, not so far because of the contrast they create with the straight line of the beard. Play with shapes!

Long brush-dyed hair and thin hair

Long brush-dyed hair and thin hair

Ash and gray tones are very fashionable and whether for your naturally graying hair or for a dye of total metamorphosis, you will be beautiful with this mid-long blow dry.

Medium top with faded sides

Medium top with faded sides

Fine wavy hair and swayed back

Fine wavy hair and swayed back

For this style, the less is the more. A fast top entirely swept to the side wins the palm by highlighting the succulent strands of the natural texture of the hair. For this look, choose an undercut to your liking and you will be ready!

Long top with lateral separation

Long top with lateral separation

All the side parts are not thick and have a lot of undercut. Some are simply old-fashioned side parts, with the top being longer than the sides and the sides being pushed back. This retro touch of the side part gives it an interesting look.

Thick brushed wicks on the sides

Thick Side Brushed Strands

Brushed strands can always be spiced up with a small side brush. The discolored sides are a lot of fun with a hint of discoloration to support them. The whole thing is supported by the beard at the bottom to equalize the whole.

Push in layers with beard

Push in layers with beard

Medium hair should be a little polished for maximum panache. The key here is to push all the hair back and then let a few strands fall out on their own. The beard here brings great support to the face.

Brushed degraded fine hair

Brushed degraded fine hair

Brushes are definitely an eternal trend, but when paired with something more trendy, we get these amazing style statements. The thin hair with the top in layers is simply amazing to look at, and the average length of the strands makes it perfectly sumptuous.

Medium hair with side line

Medium hair with side line

An average length always requires a decent amount of care. The top is brushed on the side so that the length is highlighted, but the sides are separated and the layering is well done so that it is controlled. The use of some hair products is convenient at this stage because it helps to maintain the hair.

Medium discoloration + medium texture hair on top

Medium discoloration + medium texture hair on top

Unlike vintage pageantry, this look is modern with a lot of texture. A hair dryer is essential to achieve this style with a minimum of product.

Semi-long hairstyle dried with a hairdryer back

Semi-long hairstyle dried with a hairdryer back

Here are long and smooth hair with attitude. The hair is brushed back with visible comb marks but without shine. The sides are undercut and the rear is tapered for a clean finish.

Textured cut + thick fringe

Textured cut + thick fringe

Medium length is a great choice for men with curly hair. This cut is heavy on the fringe with a little length and weight on the sides and back. Use a texturizing paste to strengthen the ripple and add a little more, you guessed it, texture.

Pompadour smoothed mid-long + melted high

Pompadour smoothed mid-long + melted high

The semi-long hair on top allows great creativity in terms of style. By taking the usual splendor to a higher level, this fresh style adds a twist wrapped on the forehead for more height and dimension.

Wavy mid-long male hairstyle with high crossfade

Wavy mid-long male hairstyle with high crossfade

For men whose hair is a little wavy, mid-length haircuts bring out this natural texture. This degraded cut with a high skin fade practically caps on its own.

Hairstyle Pompadour mid-long

Hairstyle Pompadour mid-long

Another update of the classic pump, this long cut on top adds a wave in addition to the height. This is one of the most popular mid-length hairstyles for men.

High discoloration + comb hairstyle

High discoloration + comb hairstyle

Reinventing the smooth back, this fresh style makes the hair work in two directions. After applying the product to the hair, separate a section of hair along the forehead, about a quarter of an inch back. Then comb the hair back as usual.

Finish by painting the front section of the hair diagonally. Look for a wick comb to get these ultra-wide tooth marks. A totally cool mid-length hairstyle.

Hair straightned back + high discoloration

Hair straightned back + high discoloration

Easy-to-style looks are based above all on the cut. With a slightly disjointed top and a mid-high cut, the sides are ultra sharp. The hair on top is left long so that it can grow and be styled back. A mid-length haircut that will always be cool.

Textured hair + long fringe

Textured hair + long fringe

In reaction to all the gominated styles of recent years, we see more and more fringes. This angular version has a lot of texture and attitude. A super cool and bold haircut for men of medium length.

Smoothed back hairstyle with a short cut

Smoothed back hairstyle with a short cut

This rear-smoothed undercut is the perfect combination of height and texture. An ultra high fade highlights the thick hair on top. A cool medium-length hairstyle to try.

Hi-Lo discoloration + Surgical part + Pompadour

Hi-Lo discoloration + Surgical part + Pompadour

As if the super smooth tassel wasn’t cool enough, the bland top and bottom, echoed by a razor part, adds a serious style to any cut.

Skin discoloration and half-long hair smoothed backwards

Skin discoloration and half-long hair smoothed backwards

There are endless ways to highlight the bland. This low-skin gradient follows the lines of long hair on top and is just awesome.

Semi-long hair cut with scissors and smoothed back

Semi-long hair cut with scissors and smoothed back

This mid-length hairstyle for men is the pinnacle of ruffled texture. It also proves that all long cuts on top do not require discoloration. For more conservative workplaces, this cut is ideal for everyday professional styling, while it is your after-hours look.

Here’s a great list of mid-length hairstyles for men that gives you plenty of options to try for a new look.

Frequently posseous questions about mid-length hairstyles

What is the average hair length for men?

Many grooming experts agree that a medium-length haircut can be classified between 2 and 4 inches long, or up to the collarbone. When your hair goes beyond your shoulders, it is considered long.

How to style semi-long hair?

Your styling routine for mid-length hair will be determined by the length of your hair and the look you want. Most mid-length hairstyles look great without any products, as they can be done naturally.

However, for a more controlled look, dry your hair in the hair dryer and apply a little wax or styling paste into your hair (not too much), then finish with a light application of lacquer.

How to take care of mid-length hair?

It is important to wash your hair thoroughly. Use a good shampoo and conditioner to keep the strands beautiful, especially if you want to let them grow.

What is the Styling Time?

If you are pressed for time in the morning and prefer to minimize your minutes in front of the mirror, there are many styles of hairstyles for mid-length hair that require little maintenance and will allow you to have a flawless look from the start.

Although the boyish cut is considered a very simple style (the very short nature of this cut means that there is no possibility of hair bent in bed in the morning), there are still a number of minimal effort styles for mid-length hair that allow more freedom with different styles.

If you prefer a longer top, the brush cut may be a good choice. Similar to the razor cutter but with a slightly longer top, this trendy style requires little effort in the morning. Simply comb your hair to the side and fix it with a little gel. It’s done.

What to do with the texture and thickness of your hair?

The natural texture and thickness of your hair plays an important role in choosing the style that suits you best.

For fine hair, short, side cuts with a long top can be an effective way to make hair look more voluminous. Sharper cuts also tend to give the illusion of thicker hair.

Are you lucky enough to have medium-textured hair? You’re in luck. You are free to experiment with most cuts and styles. Medium-textured hair responds well to voluminous hairstyles, so a pompadour can be a good choice.

Coarser hair can be as difficult to style as thin hair (yes, thick hair can also be a problem!). Fortunately, a high, crisp cut with a rounded top can be the ultimate solution for thick hair. Using a good conditioner is crucial because coarse hair tends to be drier.

Which coifure for which face shape?

Although any hairdresser worthy of the name is able to identify the shape of your face and advise you accordingly, it is never useless to get acquainted with the most common face shapes.

  • For rectangular faces, you’d better avoid lengthening your face further. Avoid high-volume styles and focus on balance. Gummed hairstyles and side parts are usually suitable.
  • Do you have an oval shape? Congratulations, you won the genetic lottery. Oval faces are evenly proportioned and can support most styles. The world is your oyster.
  • If you’re rather square, you’ll want to accentuate that beautiful angular jaw. A short cut can be flattering, or a bulkier style like a blow dry. Softer and longer styles will achieve a nice balance.
  • Have a face (heart-shaped). You’ll want to balance your features, especially your chin. A textured fringe that isn’t too heavy should do the trick.
  • Slightly spherical? Round faces require angles. Side stripes are great for round faces, as are styles that lengthen your face. Think of the pompadour or the tuft of hair.

Which mid-length haircut corresponds to your age?

Contrary to popular belief, any style can work at any age – it all depends on the attitude of the person wearing it. Are you serious.

Whether you prefer to channel the “silver fox” that is in you by keeping your hair gray or you decide to become totally bald, there are many haircuts for the mature man.

If you are naturally wavy and keep real hair, a short cut with ripples will be perfect, while quiffs and pompadours are a classic choice for the mature man. At the other end of the spectrum, a shaved head is often preferred by those who have less enthusiasm for everyday styling.

Younger and more shaggy men? It goes without saying that you have to make the most of this abundant hair. Experiment with styles based on the texture of your hair and the shape of your face.

Can I grow my hair faster?

Growing your hair is a serious commitment: you can’t give up when things get complicated. There will be delicate passages and moments when you will want to give up and shave your hair. Try to persevere.

Understand that there are many steps on the way, and some seem to last longer than others. The best solution is to talk to yourHe hairdresser of your long-term goals, so that he can give you a roadmap to achieve them.

How to maintain long hair?

As your hair moves south, it’s important to invest in quality shampoo and conditioner to keep it strong and shiny. It is therefore necessary to use separate bottles (not two in one) and not be satisfied with the washing product of your partner.

While it’s important to trim dead ends to maintain a shiny mane, a cut doesn’t make hair grow faster, contrary to popular belief.

How to grow afro hair?

Afro hair is more fragile than Caucasian and Asian hair, which means you’ll need to use a deep moisturizer more often as it grows. You’ll also need to wash them less often (once a week at most) to preserve their natural oils, ideally using a sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo.

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