11 Tips for Keeping Your Colored Hair Vibrant & Healthy

Today I am really excited because I’m going to be talking to you about hair. And I’m going to be giving you 11 tips for keeping your vibrant hair vibrant and taking good care of it. All of these tips are going to be really applicable to you and really helpful for keeping the integrity of your hair, keeping it looking nice and keeping that color in as long as possible and making it look really good.

colored hair vibrant

As some of you know I’ve recently colored my hair I went from being a boxed redhead to a periwinkle. You can see how my hair looked pretty fresh right off the bat and I believe that was about four weeks ago.

But you can see that my hair is lightened up a lot that it’s gotten a little bit more on the grayer side a little bit more in the periwinkle side. it’s faded very beautifully and I’m really happy with it. that was one of the reasons why we went with a more vibrant color at the beginning.

so that way we can have this a longer process of a fade out. without it fading out too quickly by just doing the super super pastel look. but anyway I have like I said eleven tips and I’m going to share them with you right now. starting with number one.

My first tip is save water. and that’s just kind of a funny way to say don’t shampoo and condition your hair as much. now I know some people struggle with this one because they’re like well my hair gets oily or it’s super stick straight. and I can’t really pull off not washing my hair.

I’ll give you some tips for what to do in between washes. but I encourage you if you are going to be coloring your hair especially a vibrant color or red the least amount that you can who condition your hair. the more that color is going to stay in your hair.

The second tip I have is to use cool water when rinsing out your hair. When you finally get in the shower to do your shampooing and your conditioning or maybe you’re doing it in the sink or in the tub, um use cool water to rinse it out.

The reason for that is that heat will quickly wash out and fade your color and some people’s hair holds on to color a little better than others. so if that’s you if you’re someone who you notice that color fades really quickly in your hair, using the cool water method will really help you out.

Third tip is to hydrate your hair and use shampoos and conditioners that are hydrating and sulfate free. now we hear the word sulfate free a lot people are like that that’s just a buzzword. but sulfates are not the best for your hair they can cause more frizz in your hair.

Especially if you have curly hair you want to avoid sulfates in your shampoos and conditioner. and it’s also more damaging to people have who have colorful hair. it’s another great reason to avoid sulfates in your shampoo and conditioning products when you have the vent hair colors.

I have two recommendations for shampoos and conditioners that I have both used and really enjoy. the first is what I’m currently using and that is the head shot by TIG I and this is the very end catwalk you can pick these up at Ulta.

I believe these are reconstructive intense conditioning and shampoo for chemically treated hair. so I really like these I also like the more minty err fresh smell that they have in them and they smell really really nice.

And another brand that I don’t actually have the bottles for because I’ve used them all up is the and called gorge. and they’re a smaller business so they just have three products I believe they have a shampoo a conditioner and a leave-in conditioner which I’ll talk about in a second.

They’re a great sulfate free option and they’re great for color-treated hair they’re on more natural and they smells like coconut and it’s amazing, I really love that brand. when I run out of this headshot I’ll probably pick up some bottles of the gorge shampoo conditioner and they come in a pretty good sized bottle so they’ll last you really well.

Tip number four and it is a fun tip and this is to use purple toning shampoo. um the color in this bottle is the color of the shampoo inside. it’s pretty amazing. this is from Bed Head and this is called dumb blonde purple tawny shampoo.

Not the biggest fan of the name but it is a violet shampoo and what is really cool about violent shampoo is that it helps counteract the brassiness that can occur in hair when it’s blonde, or when it’s being dyed blonde or really colorful colors.

You might notice that if you get your hair done like bleach blonde and it’s super white that it can tend to fade to a more yellowy or green or just brassy look that’s not cute. um stay with this kind of hair color it can easily fade to a more brassy look throughout this section as its fading out.

To prevent that purple shampoo. this is great solution typically I use is at least once a week sometimes twice a week and I’ll combine it with my shampoo. I’ll put some shampoo my hand and I’ll put about two or three pumps of this mix it together and I actually like to let this sit in my hair for about two to five minutes and and let it soak in and get that color and then I’ll rinse it out.

I’m depending on how much brassiness you’re dealing with you can leave it in your hair longer or if it’s really not that big of a deal you can just leave it in for a little bit. this is one of those products that you can use as needed.

You don’t have to use it every time you shampoo condition. but if you’re noticing that it’s things are looking a little brassy, you can use this to fix it up. another tip and this is tip number five this is a really fun tip you get some white conditioner on the head shop I was talking about as a white conditioner and the gorge is a white conditioner as well make sure it’s pure white doesn’t have any tone to it.

And then you can get some of that hair color that you’re using so like let’s say if you’re using Manic Panic or using vivid hair colors um by a professional person or whatever you can take that shampoo and put some of that color into it that you used on your hair and mix it up.

And create kind of a little cocktail of your own hair color in this bottle. and then you can put it in your hair as a conditioner let it sit in your hair for about ten minutes while you’re showering and that’ll help kind of make that color a little bit more vibrant.

If you’re not wanting it to fade too much you can do that in between color sessions to help keep that vibrant. and you can do that again just like with the violent shampoo as needed and it’s a really cool trick.

Sixth tip is to help preserve the integrity of your hair and keep it good and that is to use a hair mask. there are tons of different hair mask options you can make your own hair masks. you can buy a hair mask. it’s really I think personal preference but the most important thing is to do a conditioning treatment on your hair.

When you can I have been using the don’t despair repair deep conditioning mask and I picked this up at Sephora. but it’s supposed to intensely repair in nourish weak hair it has rosehip avocado and Argan oils it Harappan no parabens silicones our 5/8 colleagues I probably said some of those words wrong so I apologize.

But it’s a um it’s a conditioning mask for chemically treated hair and it is awesome I again like to use this in the shower at least once a week. and put it just soak my hair in it and let it sit in there for like 10 minutes if I can. we’ve talked about a lot of the in the shower methods of things to do to preserve your hair.

Now that you’re out of the shower and your hair is all wet my seventh tip has to do with drying your hair. if you can air dry your hair do air dry your hair because that’s obviously going to be the best way to dry your hair and avoid putting heat on it.

If you have to use it a blow dryer and I do use a blow dryer sometimes and most of the time I like to let it air dry, um use get a blow dryer that has different temperature settings on it. some of them have a hot warm and cool.

Try to use cool or the warm setting only and avoid the hot setting putting heat on your hair the more heat you put on your hair of the more damage you’re causing to your hair and the more your color is going to fade.

Tip number eight you don’t want to forget a leave-in conditioner and a heat protectant spray. when your hair is damp or right before styling it’s really good to put some extra protection on your hair and conditioning on your hair just to baby it and you know make it feel real loved.

I have been using again I I talked about gorge their shampoo conditioner but I’ve been using their I’ll make you look amazing daily spray and this is a magical leave-in conditioner spray that will turn your hair into the sexiest hair ever.

it repairs damaged hair and it adds shine it detangles it protects from heat and seals and protects hair color prevents split ends stops hair breakage creates amazing silkiness enhances natural body and helps with flat irons. it’s kind of a miracle in a bottle it works really well and it smells really delightful.

Ninth tip whoo-hoo is when you’re using hot tools in your hair. so if you use a straightener or curling iron,get straighteners and curling irons that have adjustable temperature settings. again just like with a blow dryer.

You don’t want to pop that all the way up on the highest heat and put your curling iron and do your straightener because that is going to damage your hair every single time you’re using it. my hair is naturally curly but I like to go in and add some curl like I have on now.

and I will use a curling iron and put it on half of the heat. If there’s 30 is the highest heat setting I’ll put on 15 and I still get great results and I will just use some hairspray to hold it in and it works really well.

Tip number 10 I’m going to be talking about one of my very very favorite products and that is dry shampoo. dry shampoo is your best friend people. if you do not use dry shampoo you should totally do it. if you’re the type of person that tends to have really oily hair and it has a difficult time getting away with not washing your hair.

Then dry shampoo is something that you need to get and use I even use it if I feel like my hair is kind of getting a little flat and it’s just not looking great. I’ll use dry shampoo and it gives it body. it looks good it’s really easy to use and it’s a great solution to avoiding extra shampoo and conditioning time on your hair.

I have two that I recommend the first is batiste dry shampoo I like the fruity and cheeky cherry scent because it smells really nice. and it works really well and it’s affordable and I believe that you can pick this up at Ulta. the next one that I have is really cool and this is by label M and it’s a blue dry shampoo.

It’ll add a little bit of extra color to the root area and different areas and they give you that dry schampoo effect. yes dry shampoo dry shampoo dry shampoo get some it’ll change your life it’s amazing, you love it.

Last tip number 11 is avoid hair damaging and breaking culprits. there are a few things that we do to our hair regularly that actually break your hair and are damaging to your hair. so if your coloring your hair and then you’re doing these things on top of it it could cause a lot of breakage in your hair which is something you want to avoid.

What are those sneaky little culprits that I’m talking about the first one is doing hairstyles that are really tight. so if you’re doing top knots and you’re making it really tight on the top of your head or doing really tight braids or anything that is a very tight hairstyle can cause breakage in your hair and stress on your hair and when you’re taking it down it can pull out your hair.

Try to loosen things up and instead use hairspray or other things to kind of hold things in place instead of making things so tight. also another culprit is hair ties make sure that you are not using rubber bands.

And buy rubber bands I mean literally rubber bands because those will tear out your hair and also avoid any hair ties that have metal clasps on them because your hair will get stuck in between that elastic in that metal and pull it right out. another culprit is bad brushes some brushes can actually just cause breakage to your hair and so.

if you’re wanting to have your hair detangled and you’re brushing through it you could just be breaking your hair which is no good. but a brush that I really like and it’s totally dirty and has blue hair in it everywhere is the wet brush.

It’s a detangling brush it helps to not damage your hair this is also a great option if you have little kids and they have tangly hair and they cry when you brush their hair. this is good detangling brush works really well and we’ll be good to help preserve your hair and prevent breakage.

The last culprit that can cause damage to your hair is towel drying. there are just a lot of fibers and towels that can cause breakage and it can cause frizziness and it’s just not cute. If you want to be really careful about towel drying your hair I recommend using a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair and letting it air dry. that is a really great way to prevent breakage.

Anyway those are all the tips that I have for you to make your hair stay looking good. I hope those are really helpful for you they have been super helpful in keeping my hair lasting a long time. so I do not feel like I have to diet all the time which is awesome mostly I feel like I’m maintaining my roots and kind of that overall look over the vibrancy of my hair, which is really great.

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