13 Inspiration Short Curly Haircuts for Round Faces

Many doubt that short hair can be given a curly style. There are also those who doubt curly hair suitable for round faces. But in reality? There are many variations of short curly haircuts for round faces!

Having short hair is a privilege that not everyone can feel. First, you will be more efficient in using hair care products. Secondly, there is no more hand drama due to drying the hair using a hair dryer (because it is quite aerated). But when we talk about structuring, we must be honest that our choices are quite limited. Even if we want to be creative, we must be creative in recreating the hairstyle that is used by the long hair.

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As someone who also has short hair and a round face, I always struggle with two choices in the morning: is this hair better straightened or permed huh? Straight hairstyle is a safe choice, so safe sometimes it feels boring. While curly hairstyles are a challenge, because wrong arrangement can make the face look more rounded. Now, how to determine a short curly haircut for a good round face?

There are several important factors that you must consider, starting from the tricks of choosing bangs, layers, and curly hair forms. There are many types of curls that you can try on short hair . Well, instead of being confused, you should look at the inspiration of this round-faced celebrity!

Selection of hair parts

In choosing short curly hair pieces for a round face, the selection of a haircut plays an important role in the overall appearance.

short curly haircuts for round faces

Depending on the shape of your layer , you can try various hair bangs with different effects. First you can try the middle section hairstyle like this. The right hair symmetry will make your face smaller, especially if you use bangs.

selena gomez short curly haircuts for round faces

There are two ways to use side bangs . First you can try curling hair on some of your hair, starting from the ends of the bangs. Curling the hair in half and leaving the bangs straight can give a thinner face effect.

ginniger goodwin short curly haircuts for round faces

Another alternative is the side bangs style combined with feathered layer hairstyles. This hairstyle had a trend in the late 90s and was perfect to use short curly hair on a round face. The shape gives volume to the hair, making your face look petite.

kirsten dunst short curly haircuts for round faces

Bored with side bangs? Try curtain bangs , or curtain bangs like this. To perfect the style, you can give a short layer beside the face.

Dare to challenge? Try tight curl

Since your hairstyle is quite short, don’t choose a curly shape that is very intense because it can make your face look wider. However, you can still try the tight curl style like this.

maisie williams short curly haircuts for round faces

Although this curly style does not frame the face perfectly, the shape can soften your facial features and actually make your face more sweet.

Try Hollywood waves.
Remember the classic Hollywood curly style ? It turns out this hairstyle can also be tried on short bob hair. The hallmark of this curly Hollywood style is its pretty large shape, making hair more volume.

arizonna muse short curly haircuts for round faces

For this hairstyle, make sure your hair is cut parallel to the chin, to make the jaw effect sharper.

Not confident? Try relaxed wave

Well, the challenge in having a round face and wanting to try curly haircuts on short hair is the shape that sometimes even makes the face wider. This can be tricked by selecting the appropriate curly style.

ava phillippe short curly haircuts for round faces

Curly style doesn’t always have to be intense, sometimes you can try the relaxed wave style like this. You can get this curly hairstyle with heatless or scrunching techniques.

debby ryan short curly haircuts for round faces

Hair Tip: To make messy hair , you can squeeze the ends of your hair with your palms which have been sprayed with TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray .

Curly beach waves for a modern look

It feels less if we talk about short curly haircuts for round faces without discussing beautiful beach waves or tousled waves.

chrissy teigen beach wave

A small, messy curly shape like this won’t make your hair expand and look big. Pair with sweet side bangs.

ashley benson short curly haircuts for round faces

Have very short hair? If so, you can try the tousled wave style that is suitable for short bob like this. This thin and sweet wavy style is suitable for round faces.

katie holmes short curly haircuts for round faces

But we cannot lie, that short curly hairstyle is the most perfect if tried on long bob hair. To make a curly style that is messy like this, don’t forget to separate the parts of the hair by combing with your fingers after being permed.

Curly for pixie hair .
Bob is short, long bob already, now it’s the pixie haircut’s turn ! To arrange a pixie hairstyle with curly style, split the hair to one side only and focus on the long section of hair.

laura govan short curly haircuts for round faces

To make it more durable, you can use hair gel or hairspray. All depends on the final results you want to achieve.

There are many choices of short curly haircuts for round faces that you can try. The key is in the end result you want to get; whether it’s a thinner face, smaller, or more assertive. Also monitor the trend of short hair that you must try on the page of Short Hairstyles .


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