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19 Stunning mid-short hairstyles to make your personal style shine (2021)


Here are the 19 most beautiful mid-short hairstyles for women you’ll want to try –cut mid short woman– in 2021!  Average hairstyles for women are among the most versatile, because “average” can mean so many things! In addition, it is the most common length of hair. However, the styles that a woman with semi-short hair can achieve are anything but average. To take advantage of all this potential, you have to be willing to experiment. Maybe it’s time to take inspiration from certain styles and turn that semi-short hair into a new original hairstyle.

In the gallery below, you’ll find everyone’s favorites – hairstyles we’ve found while browsing popular hair and beauty blogs. There are also some new ideas, which you will be tempted to try.

Smooth blonde bob (women’s mid-short cut 2021)

Cute short hairstyles for women, mid short cut woman 2020

This smooth blonde cut from Jessica Alba is an eye-catching style that looks and effortlessly beautiful. It has fewer layers than most of the other cuts we’ve reviewed, making it particularly suitable for those with professional employment.

Short hair for women with round faces

Short haircuts for women with thick hair and round face, mid-short cut woman 2021

This smooth square is a wise choice for thick hair. With minimal layers and straight, straight hair, it’s easy to style with a straightener or leave slightly messy for a more casual vibe.

Shaggy haircuts of medium length and chin

The best shaggy haircut of medium length and chin length

Return your blond hair and stiffer more fashionable by getting that half-short and blunt haircut with a cute side fringe. Short to medium hairstyles cut to the length of the chin are fantastic if you want to soften a pointed jaw and add volume to the side of your head.

Bob chic with honey reflections

Beautiful short hairstyles for women with thick hair

This short bob of interesting shape with a swept fringe is made effervescent by its basic brown hair and honey blonde reflections. It is a cut that can be shaped to give the appearance of volume to those who do not have it naturally.

Low-key blond bob

Best Short HairCuts for Women

With thick hair, a classic and discreet cut inspired by the 50s can add a touch of pure elegance or a look of a young girl next door to an already very classy look. Ruffle your hair and opt for a messy beach look if you want to dress casually, or pair it with jewelry and products for a more dressy look.

Simple bob with various blonde locks

Short hairstyles for thick hair

This blonde hair strands are a simple cut that does not require styling. Locks can accentuate certain aspects of your face and even the color of your eyes, and give the illusion of a certain magnitude.

Dark bob cut

Short haircuts for thick hair

This dark haircut is composed of several layers, from the root to the end, to give a lot of shape. This hairstyle full of personality is a cool and elegant cut that offers a unique character and texture.

Curly red hair

Short haircuts for women, Curly red hair

This curly and voluminous cut in red offers an eccentric look for any bold personality. Soft, short ripples can give a funky look, especially when they are in a bright color.

Short gradient hair for more volume

Short haircut ideas for women, Degraded short hair for more volume

If you are looking for volume and are afraid that a short cut will deprive you of it, this haircut is right for you. This gradient look that stacks on the top of the head will make any head of thin hair look thicker and bulkier.

Asymmetrical short haircut

Short haircuts, Asymmetrical short haircut

If you’re looking for something eye-catching, cool, and avant-garde, this almost “metallic” tint hairstyle with a long asymmetrical fringe and tons of layers can fit a bold fashion style. This delicate haircut, similar to that of a bird, has a definite advantage that can be associated with a feminine outfit or highlighted by avant-garde clothing.

Asymmetrical short hair with a blurred side

Short hairstyles for fine hair, Asymmetrical short hair with a blurred side

If you’re looking for a cut that’s really off the beaten track and straight out of a hair magazine, look no further than this asymmetrical platinum-tinted cut with a brown-tinted buzz side. This shows that short hair is not necessarily dull and can be as versatile as long hair.

Bob short yellow-blond

Short and straight hairstyles for round faces, Short yellow-blond Bob

This short yellow-blond hairstyle with fringe frames the face with chopped layers and bangs. Blonde isn’t necessarily synonymous with platinum or classic light blonde – it can also mean experimenting with a bolder shade.

Asymmetrical cut with long fringe

Asymmetrical cut with long fringe, Trendy short hairstyles for women

Similar to the other asymmetrical cuts we’ve reviewed, this cut with a long fringe is certainly unique. The rich chocolate brown color and clean cut will definitely bring out the best features of your face. The extra layers of hair cut in the upper part of the head give volume to the top of the head.

Pixie mid-length cut for fine hair

Edgy Medium-Length Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

This mid-length pixie cut is modern, versatile and sexy. The mid-short pixie cut is for women who want to make the transition between cute styles,” she adds. For short to medium styles like this, it’s best to have straight hair with minimal elbows or curly hair. Wavy hair is also suitable. Use foam, heat protector, lacquer and various other products to style them.

Bob chic with medium short A-line for fine hair

Chic medium-short bob with A-line for fine hair

Mid-short haircuts for women are universal and can make the natural hair color rich and vibrant. This short to mid-long haircut requires maintenance at the salon and at home. Plan to have your hair cut half-short every 6 to 8 weeks to keep the shape of the cut,” she explains.

Modern bob short or moderately angular

Modern bob short to moderately angular

This half-short hairstyle of natural appearance attracts all eyes! If you want to draw attention to this bold color that is perfect for fair skin, keep your cut angled and straight with a subtly wavy end. Most medium to short hairstyles look great when layering and sweeping are added.

middle ear length, short cut

Don’t miss the popular ear-length short cut. Want semi-short hair cut around your hairline? All the pieces around the hairline and face continue to give this cut a current and shaggy look. The right short to medium cut can expose the chin and jaw without looking so clumsy.

short shoulder length haircut for wavy hair

Here is a nice short cut at shoulder height for wavy hair. Achieve it by opting for a mid-short haircut, which is a super versatile hair length. The separation of the wicks in the middle gives this classic cut a more modern and trendy finish. Use a flat iron or curling wand if the ripples need to be reinforced.

Bob runs to moderately staggered with hair gradients

short to medium bob with layers

Here is a short to medium cut with layers. With a mix of black and platinum blonde locks, the result is spectacular. Mid-short hairstyles like this stacked square are better with subtle layers. This gives the mane the flexibility to display smoothly or voluminously.

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