20 Best Rope Braid Hairstyles Ideas

Here are several stunning rope braid hairstyles 2019 we have arranged for you. Don’t hesitate to try out these different styles! In order to give you an idea for what is the best for you. We will be glad to have your feedback there are very important for us. Be sure that you will enjoy it.

2 Minute Rope Braid Tutorial

rope braid tutorial

The first thing I want to do is to start by coating my hair a little bit with some dry shampoo especially if it’s clean but even if it’s dirty it will really just help you get a lot of grip and hold which will help the style hold up a lot better.

And the next thing I’m gonna do is to smooth my hair out with my hairbrush just getting rid of any unnecessary tangles because you’re really gonna want that your hair to be as smooth as possible for the sectioning process. And it’s also very important that once you’ve brushed it that you also loosen it up again from your scalp.

Because brushing it will kind of smooth your hair against your scalp and you really want that extra lift and volume which is really how I like it. so just use your fingers like a claw and just scratch your scalp a little bit that will really do the trick.

Alright so if you can started with the braid you’re just going to make a side part on the opposite side where you want your braid to be and you’re gonna start with a small rectangular section of hair. in this tutorial I’m starting on my left side and I’m just gonna split that section in half and take the front pulling it over to the back.

Next I’m just gonna add some more hair to the front section and crisscross it with the back and bringing it over then you’ll just repeat the process adding more hair into the front section before you crisscross it over and to the back again.

You’re just going to keep this process going all the way down by again simply just adding some more hair into your front section. making sure to keep it nice and tight making sure your hair is smooth and that you don’t have any more tangles on the way down. and just keep criss crossing the front over into the back. bringing that back section under and forwards.

Once you start getting closer to your shoulders, start reaching farther back and grabbing bigger chunks of hair farther back around your head, to add in to your braid. the idea is to be finished adding hair right before you reach your shoulders.

So try to kind of roughly gage that as you go along. this is where you can see how adding in that extra dry shampoo has really created a lot of thickness in my hair which in the end makes it really easy for my braids to look a lot thicker and to hold a lot better.

Here’s the kind of tricky part, you’re gonna take both of your bottom sections and twist them both counterclockwise as tightly as you can go before they start to twist on their own and then you’re gonna start twisting them together clockwise around each other.

Keep twisting them as you go all the way down twisting counterclockwise and then wrapping them around each other clockwise. secure the end with a hair is the most important part where for sure you can leave it sleek but I love to pull it out as much as I can to make it look as full and thick as possible.

So you’re just gonna start taking a section in turn and holding the rest of your hair still you’re gonna pull that section out. beyond where you want it to be because it will settle back into place you can see here how I’m pulling it far out and then I’m letting it go and it kind of settles back in.

The wider and thicker that you want just keep kind of pulling and tugging and you will see them get so much fuller and thicker as you go along. it really just gives a much fuller and better look in my opinion. After going all the way down, I kind of just go back all the way up and again you can keep messing with it as much as you want and just play with it.

You really can’t double a triple thickness. if you keep going and adding even more product if you like you can pull out some stray hairs and make it look more effortless and easygoing. but just don’t forget that when you’re finished to coat the whole thing with some good hairspray.

And be careful to kind of smooth your braid is to go to help it hold in all day long, and that’s it. I first had this style kind of an accident because I was just trying to keep my hair out of my face, and keep it long at the same time and I just couldn’t believe how easy it was and how quickly it came together. so I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, thank you so much for reading don’t forget to subscribe.

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rope braid hairstyles

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