20 Most Popular Violet Hair Color Ideas 2019

Here are several popular violet hair color ideas 2019 we have arranged for you. Don’t hesitate to try out these different styles! In order to give you an idea for what is the best for you. We will be glad to have your feedback there are very important for us. Be sure that you will enjoy it.


Today’s article is going to be an article all about my hair. a lot of you have asked me information about my hair in terms of the color and how I maintain it. so that’s why I’m making this tips today I will make it super short though just because I know all of you don’t want to know about this.

I figured I’ll make it for those of you who do want to know because a fair amount of you asked a lot about my hair and my hair color on my last video which was my hair tutorial. I’m going to answer that today particularly because I only dyed it yesterday.

My hair is the freshest in terms of color that it’s going to be, so I figured I would do it today. so to get into it straight away my hair is a violet kind of purply red color. and this is the darkest that it will be. like I said I only dyed my hair yesterday. so this here is the darkness that will ever get in the sunlight.

it will turn a bright pinky purple color and in the darker shades. so I’m under a roof right now with a window in front of me. although I’m indoors you can still see a bit of the tinge in the hair. so it is a violet purple based red.

now it’s let you know quickly I actually dye my hair myself. I used to her hairdresser that I went to but she had a baby though I figured I would give it a go enjoying it myself. now if this is the first time that you’ve ever dyed your hair if you’ve never ever dyed your hair before definitely go to a hairdresser before you do.

Just so you can kind of see not necessarily the color outcome but so you can see exactly how to apply and what it should look like just so you can kind of mimic and copy their thing. I’ll also mention too there is quite a price difference obviously between going to a hair salon and doing it yourself.

Though at a hair salon will probably cost you around $100 whereas me doing it myself now is only costing me around 15 to 20 dollars. so it’s a massive difference and a massive saving. if you want to get this hair color this kind of weird violet II red color this one’s definitely a hair dye that I recommend.

But anyways onto what I actually use so the hair dye that I have been using is this one in particular. so this is the Schwarzkopf brilliant luminance and it’s in the shade l60 ultra violet. and you can see on the box she has very very purple hair. this particular formula is actually made especially for darker hair.

It’s great for whitening dark hair. I don’t know if you can tell from my eyebrows. I naturally have very dark brown hair. it’s almost like an ashy Brown almost black. so my natural hair is very very dark so to get the purple pigment this one works great for me.

I go through two boxes of these for my whole hair I have a lot of hair it’s very very thick. so for me it’s long thick I need two boxes. so if you’re someone who has long hair definitely grab more than you need. just in case you run out because you do not want to run out halfway in between that would be a nightmare. so I grab two boxes myself and it does me pretty well.

This is the hair dye that I use. I have used this twice now and I love the results that it gives me. this like I said is literally a day old. so this is how it looks fresh out of the box freshly died I will have a picture right now and next to me here to show you how it looks after eight weeks.

I waited eight weeks before I dyed my hair so you can see it fades quite a lot but it does fade nicely. it doesn’t fade to an orange II horrible kind of Tingy red. it actually fades quite nicely kind of goes towards a pink versus a red.

I really like the way it fades and I definitely found I was happy to wait the eight weeks to get it died again. typically they do advise you wait six to eight weeks just so you’re not processing your hair too much.

I waited eight weeks so that’s how it looks with it all faded. like I said I was really happy with how it fades like it looks really really nice. and yeah i’m i can’t rave about this enough. that’s why i’m talking about this today. you can find it pretty much anywhere, Priceline coals will work literally anywhere.

I will you know though that you should wait always to buy it on sale. so the recommended retail price for this is around sixteen dollars. I believe that’s the standard price, but I have always bought this on sale. so the first time I bought this it was only five dollars a box,

It only cost me ten dollars for two boxes instead of sixteen for one. and then this time I had to pay nine dollars a box. so those aren’t massive savings. make sure that if you’re going to dye your hair wait until it goes on sale.

They literally have a sale on hair dyes every week like different brands. so wait until you see it on sale because there’s massive savings to be made and I think altogether that worked out to be like twenty dollars to dye my hair. so that’s insane 20 bucks to dye my hair.

Actually wait until it’s on sale. yeah that’s the hair diet that I use again. it’s nothing special it’s not a professional salon grade one but I do really like the result. it does not damage my hair at all in fact it actually nourishes it a lot because it fills in a lot of the– I guess holes in my hair shaft.

Because I don’t know if you know but when your hair is dull looking and really faded. that’s because there’s a lot of holes in your hair shaft. so this kind of fills it in and makes it look really nice and shiny and healthy I guess so honestly nothing bad to say about this at all.

I definitely recommend this particular formula of hair dye. in terms of maintenance though that’s the next most important thing so obviously the dye in the color that you use is really important in getting the color that you want. but maintaining it is also another important step.

Like I said I waited eight weeks before I’ve dyed my hair and typically my hair will be a brassy orange color by then. but some reason my hair phase really brassy and just not really nice. and for some reason this hairdo I feed it really nicely but I think it’s largely because of the shampoo and conditioner that I use.

So you guys probably saw this in my 2015 favorites I figured I would mention them again because they’re amazing mine are pretty much nearly gone I need to buy some more. but this is seriously the best color shampoo I have ever ever ever ever tried. I’ve tried a few and a lot of them don’t really make my hair color last as long as this.

so it does claim to say 80% of preserved color after 28 washes. now I’ve got eight weeks out of my last die. but to be completely honest with you if I didn’t use this shampoo conditioner I honestly believe it would have faded pretty much completely. so I think a lot of the maintenance has a lot to do with it.

I definitely recommend this did I even say the name no it’s the L’Oreal LV color protect shampoo and conditioner. and I’ve got these for $6 each okay mark. they are really really cheap really effective. They do make my hair really nice and shiny right now.

you’re looking at the hair dye shampoo and conditioner you how they are so awesome I wish they would make that regularly. but this shampoo conditioner also makes my hair this shiny. like it looks really really healthy really glossy and my hair never looks like that. I’ll be honest with you when I get my hair done at the salon it never really looks shiny it always just kind of looks flat.

so with this new routine with using this color in this shampoo, my hair looks awesome. I get people telling me my hair looks so much healthier. I get strangers complimenting me on my hair color like a lot of people don’t even think that I do it myself.

A lot of people think I go to a hair salon for this and you should see their face when I tell them that I do it myself on my. no it cost me twenty dollars like it’s insane. Yeah that’s everything about my hair like I said the hair color of it is probably my most favorite thing and that’s the thing that you guys are always asking about.

I figured I would make this article really quickly yeah. that was pretty much everything that I had to say. so if you have any questions about my dying routine or anything at all please ask them in the comments down below.

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