20 Popular Blue and Purple Hair Color Ideas 2019

Here are several popular blue and purple hair color ideas 2019 we have arranged for you. Don’t hesitate to try out these different styles! In order to give you an idea for what is the best for you. We will be glad to have your feedback there are very important for us. Be sure that you will enjoy it.

How To DIY Ombre Hair in Blue and Purple

today I’m going to be doing a blue ombre into an indigo so like a purpie shade. now you might be thinking the girl box looks really similar to you and that’s because this is me. here’s a closer look. so this is a new shade from coloring stuff L’Oreal hair have brought out a whole new.

so L’Oreal have released a massive hair dye range called color Easter I was part of it last year. I went to shoots I hopefully in my bed TV ads. I did lots of digital content with them and also they put me on one of their boxes.

I think it’s such a cool idea because for me I’m all about doing my own hair at home and that’s what this is about and I’m going to show you how easy it is to use it. but also I’ve got the Poseidon shade from arctic fox.

now they sent me this to try out I have never used Arctic box before but I’m really excited and also because I’ve not redone much blue colored hair before. and I’ve kind of mainly done greens but in the last sort of six months or so I’ve been doing more blues and I really liked it.

so I’m really eager to see how it comes out. so I’m going to do the Poseidon arctic fox into the indigo shade. so all you need are obviously the hair dye. I’ve got some gloves, I’ve got a mixing bowl and a brush and then I’ve also got a comb as well, just in case.

as you can see I’m wearing this pink jumper which was featured in my last video a lot of you of us where it’s from is from rad, it’s my hair dunk jump I’ve had it for years and it went a bit bubbly and so I just thought I’ve whereas my head I’m John Parr as you can see I’ve got like bits of bleach and blue spotted vapor.

so I know a lot of you were like I live here too your jumper but you know you have to have some sort of hair dyeing outfit, anyway let’s go. so I’m just going to start by claiming my hair through. now sometimes on the back of these bottles it says to put the dye over wet hair now you can if you want to don’t have to.

so before I start I’m going to make sure I lay a towel down because sometimes I get it everywhere a little working lining on cable right now. so I’ve already whatever right I’m going to be starting with the arctic fox shade. I’m going to get this ready in my bowl. right, it’s probably enough in there, awesome.

now because I went on by hair I’m going to be going to a farm here with the blue. they all have like a little section where it will blend and it’ll go straight to the purple, so here it goes. so I am just working the blue from my roots to sort of about 3/4 of the way down my hair and I’m just leaving that space.

so I can blend in the indigo shade. the backs a little tricky but it’s getting there simply make sure all of the blue is covered all my roots and top half of my hair. just going to gently sort of massage in, you can also use your comb at this point as well if you want to blend it a bit better.

That is blue done and now I’m going to move over to my shade of indigo color Easter. you wash your brush before you move on to the next color. I’m going to use a different Bowl now because I want to just keep some of the blue just in case I need to use it to blend, so let’s go.

I’m also going to change my gloves as well because I’ve got too much of the blue on them, so I can start fresh neither. literally just going to brush it on my ends and then I’ll just blend it over the blue a little bit and then I’ll show you what we do later on finishing this look off.

I’m home just using crime to blend the colors a little bit more just because I don’t want any patches.  now I’m just using the Indigo shade just go back over the bomb bits, just because I want to make sure they come out purple. so once I’m happy with the blend, I’m just gonna section my hair and just stick it to my head and hope it stays. I have made a massive mess I’ve got a hair dye all over my neck.

so I’m going to make sure Ruffer off now because if I don’t it will probably stay and take a few days to come off and we don’t want that and also down my parting as well. milk can actually get it off but because it’s still wet.

I might be able to just rub it it but just remember when you wash it out to really get in with your scalp and get the color out because obviously it does stain cool. so I’m going to leave this on for about I reckon 45 minutes this indigo color Easter. I think says to leave on for about 15 to 20 minutes and the arctic fox says 30 minutes.

so I’m gonna leave it on for about 45 minutes just because I want a nice intense color and I kind of fancy having this lasts a little bit longer than my split hair dryer a recently did. so I will show you the finished look when it’s more towel.

so my hair washed out. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. it’s not like a strong hombre. it’s more subtle but I quite like it. it’s a bit difficult with short hair getting ombre I find just because you can’t have two bigger sections whereas obviously if your hair’s a lot longer you could have like a really nice long ombre section.

but yeah I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out and yeah it doesn’t look patchy or anything. both of the colors seem to work really well on my hair especially because I do have a band around here, where the bleach from my previous time I dyed my hair. it just was a bit brassy but the blue looks like it’s taken quite well.

I’m really really pleased you can see in the light that it goes blue to like a purpley indigo sea, I so love the results. I’m just going to style my hair now and I’ll show you what it looks like when it’s done. so that’s it this is the finished look.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this article, just to finish my hair off I just quickly crimped it with some straighteners. so yeah I really really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did please like and subscribe.

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