20 Stunning Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas

Here are several stunning brown hair with blonde highlights 2019 we have arranged for you. Don’t hesitate to try out these different styles! In order to give you an idea for what is the best for you. We will be glad to have your feedback there are very important for us. Be sure that you will enjoy it.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights Hair Tutorial

what we’re going to be doing is we’re first going to be applying the highlights. this is about where she parts her hair right in here. so I’m only going to do some right in the part and a few on the sides. we’re mostly doing the highlights for some great blending and to also give it some lightness around the face

the gray is very light and the highlights will be light as well so that’s going to blend that as that’s growing in so you’re not going to get that severe line of demarcation. okay first we’re going to start off with our highlights. I’m using Schwarzkopf agura leach I mixed it with 20 volume you want to use at least 25

if you’re breaking through previously colored hair I’m going to do one right here buy more hair online buy her face and I’m just going to do weaving I’m going to leave it like this you can kind of pick it out and get it

so the weave you want it to be I like to do one right around the hairline right here because if they pull their hair back they’re going to have nice highlights right in the front sometimes hard to get that dangle I’m going to leave in just a few in the sides and we’re doing a little bit of weaving because she’s not looking to get too many highlights

we’re doing this more for definition make it a little bit more interesting but you just want to be a blonde she just wants some highlights within her brown hair color want to make sure you make them really tight so they can move back and forth and you secure really well because as we’re going through with the Oliver colors

I’m going to show you shortly you’re not going to want these too little you’re not going to want these to pull out so we’re just going to get another one right up here okay now we’re going to do the top panel and we’re just going to do some weaving because this is more just for blending and you don’t have to do a lot a little bit goes a long way and I’m just going to weave out a little piece right here

pull up the hair and you can see how I need a little bit more there or I need to take a little bit there out gonna just it I’m gonna skip prob about an inch and do another one I’m doing big sections again I don’t want a whole lot of highlights you go towards the front I’m just going to come from this direction so she doesn’t have to push your head all the way back and it can get a really a better look of how many highlights I’m going to get right in the front I’m just going to do a few in the crown here

just a few to blend it in you you okay now I’ve gotten my highlights in you just Academy just at a few and the sides crown in the top and now I’m going to mix up my all-over color okay for my Oliver color I used Schwarzkopf six-oh sort of a medium light brown and I’m going to put a little bit of Vaseline around her forehead just a little bit to protect her hairline

be very careful you don’t get it into the hair because if it gets into the hair it’s not going to cover the gray it’s not going to cover it’s not going to color for the Vaseline hit so you want to use this very carefully but it’s nice to put a little bit on because it’s nice to put a little bit of that saline on

because it’s stuff really can stain so the way you do this you can go about it really in any way you want to put it on you just want to work on a pattern because you can get lost so usually what I do is I’ll kind of start in the top handle here and I’ll kind of work it up so I’m just going to put it on the way I do this is I just want to touch the root so I’m just going to do the root area and I can overlap it a little bit but I sort of spread it around that whole area there then you want to pull it forward again and then I’m just going to you want to make sure you’re getting like under that foil right there

so there’s not like a little line here so you just want to make sure you get it all covered basically so this is why you really need it to lock in your foils because you need to be able to move the foil back and forth just keep on going at it in this way I mean you can start putting this on every penny where you want to even start in the back you can start you know on the sides I usually do the top of the hair and most of my all-over colors usually because I want the gray covered.

so I’m going to put that on first this can get very messy this is something you definitely have to use gloves with and I would put on a smock of some kind because it just sort of gets everywhere I mean over time to learn to not get too messy with it but sew it because it’s not that bad for me

so make sure you get right in there and I’m overlapping a little bit because I don’t want that line of demarcation and you can even sort of pull it through just a smidge that all blends as I get in the hairline you really have to get that real good

now I’m going to work off the sides and again you want to get really in that foil there you kind of go up in the same motion and get it all done if you want use a wide brush if you like it kind of gets it all at the same time some people like to use a skinnier brush because then they can really get inside those scales maybe a little bit fatter I kind of like to use the wide get it all done at once when it make sure you get around that hairline real good

if it gets into the other color and the bleach it that’s fine it all blends in at the end I’m going to do the other side now I’m just going to finish the all-over color up in the back it’s just like a regular root touch-up you you now what I’m going to do is I’m going to carefully double-check they make sure everything’s covered because it’s easy to miss stuff especially between the foils and by this time

because I did the top first because I did the area with the foils I should start seeing some of it process so I’ll be able to tell when I’m missing and this should process about 30 minutes.

Watch the video below for more detail:

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