20 Top Conor Mcgregor Haircut off All Time

Here are several conor mcgregor haircut off all time we have arranged for you. Don’t hesitate to try out these different styles! In order to give you an idea for what is the best for you. We will be glad to have your feedback there are very important for us. Be sure that you will enjoy it.

Conor Mcgregor Hair Tutorial

I’ve got a brand new tutorial for you all. and this is really exciting because it happened to be perfect timing. this tutorial is inspired by Conor McGregor, who now is the UFC featherweight champion.what a great fight an amazing fighter and this is pretty much his haircuts.

and I’m going to break down how I did it. now obviously doesn’t have the beer get me put this hair to my beard maybe. but obviously there’s no beard but let’s kind of break down the haircut step by step. alright guys I’m going to break down Connors haircut for you.

I started it in the back, at the very nape and cut a straight line across right in the very bottom. then I held everything straight out from the head starting in the corner. then pulling it all straight out to cutting it about an inch to an inch and a half the most in length throughout the entire back.

then what I did is I connected this working up to about I’d say now we’re about two inches in length pulling it out. from the head then working towards the top back of the head where I’m blending the and connecting the back in through the top, all right.

then when we get to the top area we then start to work forward cutting everything horizontally pulling it straight up from the head this way. cutting it to where it’s about I’d say two and a half inches and then continuous about two and a half inches to the very very front .

All balance on one lengthen through here then we cut the corners and again keeping that consistency of about two inches in length. cut it around the ear. we have a little bit of length right around the ear which allows them to go back a little bit easier.

So we have a little bit of length here again. it’s about two inches the most in through here Internet the two inches and then I use a product to put in to give it kind of like a more wet lived-in look then you can also use a comb to brush it back, or you can use your fingers whichever you prefer but this is pretty much the current Conor McGregor haircut and hair style.

Here are Gallery Pictures of Conor Mcgregor Haircut

1.Combover Hard Part with Thick Line

conor mcgregor haircut

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