30 Beautiful Messy Bun Hairstyles Ideas 2019

Here are several stunning Messy Bun Hairstyles 2019 we have arranged for you. Don’t hesitate to try out these different styles! In order to give you an idea for what is the best for you. We will be glad to have your feedback there are very important for us. Be sure that you will enjoy it.

5 Ways to do a MESSY BUN

I thought it would be fun to round up my favorite ways to style the messy bun in hopes that one of these ways might actually click with you. so let me know in the comments below.if it does which one was your favorite don’t forget to subscribe below and let’s get into this tutorial.

Messy bun number one. so you’re gonna pull the hair up as high as you want and then pull the hair through the elastic. instead of pulling it all the way through like you would a ponytail or something you’re just gonna leave out a few inches on the ends.

and then twist the elastic and start pulling the elastic over the bun and you can see that the hand with the elastic on it is covering the bun. now right here I’m not pulling the elastic all the way over the bun. I want a couple of cute bubbles in it so I’m making those with the elastic.

so that is intentional that the elastics not going all the way over. and from here I’m just cinching up the elastic so that it’s tighter and then pushing ends that might have slipped out or bubbles that are too big back into the elastic.

so spend some time here shaping your bun how you want it you can make it look super big and fluffy or small and tight that is totally up to you. and then at the very end you can add a bobby pin here or there if you need it.

I typically avoid pins when I can but every now and again I’ll use one on the side in this specific button. so you can see right here that it’s kind of flopping around on the side. so I’m just gonna add a pin so that it’s nice and secure. so this is messy bun and number one.

what do you guys think messy bun number two? so I’m putting two fingers in front of the ponytail and wrapping my hair around them and then to the side just like so. and then you’re gonna rotate your wrist and you can see that as I do that it’s actually twisting the hair and pulling the ends up into the twist.

so once the ends are all twisted up I’m just gonna bring my hand forward so the loop I’m holding is now near the front and then we’re just gonna secure it. so I’m pushing three bobby pins with the flat side down into the bun and the trick here is to make sure that the bobby pins crisscross in the center.

that way they’ll support each other and keep the bun really tight. and then after that you can kind of tug a little bit on the pieces to make the bun a little bit bigger. and that’s it this bun honestly works really great on thin hair and it’s also how I do my half top knots and my space buns. so it’s a little bit more tidy and cleaner than the others.

now I’m gonna throw in some extensions because I want you guys to see how I’ve been putting them in lately. so I pull my hair half up and place a fork lift weft right near the temples. then I gather the hair again and pull it back into a high hop up and right at the ears I put in a three clipped waft but this time I put it in upside down.

that way when I pull the hair from my neck up it’s going in the right direction. onto messy bun number three you’re gonna pull your hair into a ponytail I prefer mine or right on top of my head. then we’re gonna split the tail in half and twist each side in the same direction.

once they’re both twisted in the same direction you’re gonna twist them together in the opposite direction. so if you were twisting them to the right or away from your face you’re now gonna twist them together to the left or towards your face.

once the twist is completed you’re just gonna tug and pull on the sections to make the twist a little bit bigger kind of more fuzzy and fluffy that’s how I prefer mine. and then secure it with a clear elastic. and then we’re just gonna wrap it around the ponytail and secure it with a couple bobby pins.

all right what do you think about messy bun number three yeah I really love this one and it looks fabulous.if you have a really really long hair then you can really make it big and see the details in the twists. a messy bun number four we’re gonna start by pulling the hair into a half bun.

so it’s like you’re putting your hair up into a ponytail on the last pass only bring half of the hair through the elastic. and then you’re gonna fan the bun out so that it’s nice and big and fluffy and then we’re gonna wrap the ends of the ponytail around the bun.

so wrap as many times as you can that’ll depend on the length of your hair. and then secure it with a bobby pin or two to the base of the elastic. and then you’re just gonna fan out the bun and pin it on each side to close those loops. and I had one straight piece over here so I’m just rolling it up into the bun and pinning it out of sight. and then I’m done with this one what do you guys think.

and last but not least messy bun number five, I honestly prefer this one as a lower bun so that’s where I’m gonna put it. but I’m gonna pull the hair into a half button so going like you’re doing a ponytail and then don’t pull the ends all the way through on the very last pass, have fun get it.

so from here we’re gonna get a little creative I’m pulling up one of the sides and pinning it a few inches above the ponytail. and then I’m taking a section of the bun on the right and just lifting it up and then putting my finger into the loop right there.

you can’t really see it very well but I’m putting my finger into the loop and just pinning the loop secure with a bobby pin and the flat side of the bobby pin is on the bottom. I’m just lighting it in and this is all kind of random so it’ll probably look very different for you.

but next I’m just gonna roll up a section of hair from the ponytail and twist it in place to the side of the bun. and then last but not least I’m going to take the last section and roll it into the elastic. so you’re just gonna pin and tuck hair into the elastic until you get this really pretty bun. what do you guys think about messy bun number five.

and that’s it you guys are my five favorite messy buns. who knew there were so many ways to messy bun. let me know in the comments which one is your favorite or which one you typically do the most or if there’s another way that you do your messy bun that I need to learn. so I hope you guys enjoyed this article. give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you in the next one.

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