30 Popular Pixie Cut Hairstyles 2019

Here are several popular pixie cut hairstyles 2019 we have arranged for you. Don’t hesitate to try out these different styles! In order to give you an idea for what is the best for you. We will be glad to have your feedback there are very important for us. Be sure that you will enjoy it.

What is a pixie cut hairstyle

a pixie cut is a short hair style generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top. it is a variant of crop.

Pros and Cons of a Pixie Cut

I hope to cover some basic pros and cons of having a pixie cut. if any of you out there are considering getting a pixie cut hopefully this tips is helpful.

The first and most obvious Pros is that my head is literally weightless. I have cut a weight off of my shoulders and I have less headaches and it’s just easy and life is good. but that also leads me to Cons number one which is yes some of my friends and family did not necessarily dislike my haircut but they missed my long hair.

My mom was probably the most hesitant about liking my hair. but that was because she really really liked my long hair and she didn’t really understand why I got rid of all my hair. For some people that’s not really a Cons if you can get past other people’s opinions then. By all means do it it didn’t really affect me that much because I really liked it and I just wanted to try something new.

Pros number 2. Shower time and detangling time is a lot less. I used to spend so much time detangling my hair and now I don’t I practically don’t get knots. it’s so much easier to wash in the shower. it’s so fast. I’m just saving water because I don’t take long showers. Cons number two your neck will get sunburned so quickly and so fast.

And this is something I had to learn the hard way your hair is no longer there to protect your poor little neck.and let me tell you I got pretty bad by sunburned on the back of my neck. so definitely gotta wear sunscreen on the back of your neck which might seem obvious to some people but that wasn’t something I was used to so now my neck gets burned.

Pros number 3. Kind of what I already mentioned earlier that it’s easier to shower. there’s no more tangles that also means it’s a lot easier to style it dries incredibly fast. And if you don’t have to style your hair you don’t have to buy products which means you save money maybe that’s only for me because I have curly hair.

I’m sure if you have like straight hair or wavy hair you might have to style it a little bit the curls is all the style on you need this next one can be either a pros or a cons so if you end up cutting your hair and hating it it grows back really fast.

You don’t notice how long your hair grows when it’s kind of long. but when it’s short it grows back really really fast. so that could be a pros for those who want to go out there but it can be a cons because you have to trim it a lot more often. and if you can tell my hair’s kind of starting to look like a mullet already because it’s starting to curve back here. so not fun gotta get that cut pretty soon.

Pros number 4. If you like to wear jewelry it’s definitely accentuated. so these earrings if you got a nose piercing or just any other kind of jewelry on your face or around your face. it’s just a lot more noticeable along with jewelry if you wear makeup that will also stand out on your face more.

I personally don’t wear makeup on a daily basis or wear that much like heavy eye makeup or fake makeup. but you can go all out and it will look like heightened. The next Cons especially if you’ve had long hair your entire life you have to train your hair to behave a certain way that you want it to.

So like I mentioned earlier my hair is like curving out this way and that’s basically because my hair was used to going this way. when you cut your hair short you have to just play with it a little bit, you have to part it certain way that every way you want but you basically have to train your hair. it’s definitely a learning process you just have to find what works for you after like messing with it a few times.

The next Pros is that I just feel a lot more edgy and bold and confident with this new pixie cut. and I think it’s because I just can’t really hide behind my hair anymore. I definitely was one of those and that had my hair in a ponytail and the minute I took it out of like hmm.

Yeah I just feel a lot more edgy if that makes sense.Khan number five if you’re a fan of elaborate hairstyles like braids buns ponytails, double ponytail you know you obviously can’t do that anymore. the amount of styling options that you have is limited you can probably still do a lot you know like spiky jelly back and I’m not really kind of into that if you’re pixie cut is long enough.

You could probably still get away with doing like a braid or a side braid so I do kind of Miss being able to put my hair in a ponytail occasionally. but the last end final Pros is you kind of feel like you’re part of this community. there is not a lot of women and girls that have a short haircut or a pixie cut.

Every time you see one you kind of relate you know you understand, you just feel cool. I don’t feel like an outsider or left out but I definitely can spot a girl with the pixie cut we have this intuitive thing the worst cons well maybe not the worst.

But I definitely miss doing like beards and goatees with my hair. you can’t really do that anymore. but it’s okay because if I counted correctly there are more pros and cons I have to admit though when I first got my pixie cut. I was not a fan I kind of wasn’t shocked.

It just looked pretty weird that is a tip I have for you if you get your hair cut and you don’t immediately love it. I think that’s totally okay, you just kind of have to wait it out be patient maybe it’s just you’re in shock. Over time I did eventually learn to love it and I still really do enjoy it. I’m currently wondering if I should grow it out or if I should keep it short.

Pixie Cut Advice and Tips

I’m actually here to give you some advice and tips about getting your hair cut. because I know it can be nerve-racking when you get your hair cut. if you had long hair for like your whole life and you’re not sure about like what to do. I’m here to kind of coach you through that.

Tip number one, go to a professional hairstylist that specializes in short hair. so I know it might be tempting to save money and go to just like your local barber shop or your local hairdresser or even like a branch like Fantastic Sams or Supercuts go to a professional stylist.

Because they are gonna kind of know what the style like how many pixie cuts are there and how they look and how they’re supposed to be done properly. I know that when I first got my hair cut short. I look like Justin Beiber I mean mind you at the time I kind of liked it.

But when I look back at pictures I’m like what the was I thinking it was bad. so go to a professional stylist I highly recommend it at least for the first haircut like the first initial big chop because it’s not going to be like so nerve-wracking because they know what they’re doing they specialize in this.

Second tip, pictures lots lots of pictures lots and lots of references because there is not one type of pixie. I like to think that I have like a GI Jane kind of pixie because it’s really really short. I do have a slight fade in the back but when I mean fade I mean like very very slight.

It’s not like totally bald right here and then like five inches of hair. I know that there’s some Pixies that are that weird undercut thing with a tough and you look like Phil and I mean Phil from Rugrats. he’s like have a little squiggly hair and your little bald on the side.

It’s like that’s what you look like but if you want that go ahead. if you want something like that or there’s some Pixies that are a little bit longer on the sides but they have almost like a mohawk kind of deal and it’s like really long and like people do crazy stuff with it which I kind of like.

But I’m not gonna do. and then there’s some where it’s like a shorter take on an asymmetrical bob like it’s really short on the side and it’s like really long on the other side. and there’s kind of the bowl cut you know if you want that whatever.

So there’s not one specific type of pick so you can’t just say I’ll give me a pixie cut you know there’s different ones like if you have curly hair you know maybe you want to cut a certain way to learn a certain way. those a little bit weird ending or if you have straight hair, if you have thin hair and I know that some people have really thick hair.

And I heard a story that someone’s friend got a side just a side cut like the hair was really long and it got a side cut and they didn’t know how their hair was gonna weigh. and it doesn’t didn’t lay like flat like mine it actually like stuck out like I went like that.

That was probably the scariest thing that I was worried about that my hair was gonna like to like stand on end. so I’d say my next tip is if you’re not sure how your hair is gonna react to being short get it cut a little bit longer than like what you’re anticipating.

So that like your hair can get used to being short and then also so you kind of have an idea of like how are you gonna style it everyday. cuz if you’re you know if you’re in a professional setting you might not want to style it all crazy but if you know you’re a freelance artist you can go apeshit and do whatever the hell you want.

It’s also a good way to like experiment on different hair products and hair styling products because I know that I’ve had bad experiences with different hair products like some will make my hair look really really greasy and almost wet looking and then others will be like really dry and almost look like I had dandruff.

So you can really kind of get a feel of like what type of product that your hair needs because I know when your hair is long people don’t tend to put that much product in it unless it’s like a specialty case like your hair is extremely frizzy then you know what your means but me I rarely put anything in my hair.

I was like well I don’t know how to style short hair like the if you’re not sure like do a little experimental phase like maybe like do it over the summer like where you’re gonna go to the beach very often so like try different products see what you like and if you don’t like scull in the water and rinse it out like boom.

The next thing is probably the one con I have to say about short hair is actually maintaining it guys probably know about this maintaining short hair can be a pain in the butt because you’ll have a good look for about a month and a half and then all of a sudden you’ll just look like.

Because everything’s grown out everything’s growing out weird and whatnot so my big problem is that the back of my hair and like my neck area grows like a weed I kid you not I had a mullet going on before I cut it my boyfriend actually cut it today he gave me that slight fade that I was talking about.

And he was a little bit apprehensive to cut my hair at first because he’s you know he wants me to have kind of longer hair but I’m like babe I don’t want to have a mullet I don’t know if anyone else has this problem I know I do and it’s kind of hard to describe it to people.

Because it from far away you don’t really notice it but when you’re playing with your hair every single day you’re going to notice even the slightest difference in your hair. so basically I asked my boyfriend and like I said really complicated to have like a fade.

But not like a normal fade like guys where it’s like really bald and then it goes up to hair. it’s like a longer fade so it’s not quite bald at the bottom. there like still some hair but it’s not like mullet status like. yeah like I said from the first tip go to a professional hairstylist.

If you’re having that issue and kind of talk to them and be like I have this weird mullet going on. you know chances are they’ll know what you’re talking about and they’ll fix it and they’ll like clean it up for you and if you’re wanting to look at the top of your hair alone great all you gotta do is cut the back.

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