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30 Trendiest Messy Bob Hairstyles 2019

Here are several trendiest messy bob hairstyles 2019 we have arranged for you. Don’t hesitate to try out these different styles! In order to give you an idea for what is the best for you. We will be glad to have your feedback there are very important for us. Be sure that you will enjoy it.

How to Style Messy Bob

I’m going to show you how I style my short messy paws. let’s just go ahead and get started. all you’ll need is a large barrel curling iron, this is about an inch and a half. I do also use an inch here in there and I will insert a picture of what it looks like.

if I do only use an inch versus what we’re doing today with the bigger barrel same technique just different barrel. then I also use a volume and texture product this is Josh Rose Brooke lift. if you guys are new to green beauty and hair care this is the best, the best hair product ever.

if you have fine hair and you need lift and texture. I actually have suck into here right now so I’m just going to use a little bit of the green and gorgeous organics organic dry shampoo and grapefruit and sweet orange just onto my roots. I find that my hair curls better on split second day hair.

I already have a bit of the lift product in my hair from yesterday but I am just going to spray it at the crown. OOP it’s on lock. so we’re going to divide our hair into three sections. the first section I like to go right about above my ears.

if your ends are not straight or your hairs too puffy you may just want to lightly take a flat iron and straighten that out because if your ends are at straight or your hair is too big you might end up getting mom Bob. and that is not a cute look.

Gonna take fairly large sections about two inches wide and the important thing with this bottom section if your hair is shorter than this you may want to omit the bottom most section so you don’t get a mom Bob look or use a smaller barrel.

so I’m going to go right at my root and just do one turn of the iron going away from my face the next one I’m going to go towards my face. so one turn of the iron leaving the ends out holding for about five seconds your hair however long your hair needs to be held we’re all different. and alternating directions, just want to make sure that the front piece is on either side are going away from the face.

so I’m going to leave those, looking crazy like that and let them cool that way. next section I usually go about temples straight back. we’re going to do the same thing alternate directions but this time the pieces in the front are going to go towards the face first.

still only one turn with the iron leaving the ends out. if you find that any look to curl that you can always just run over them lightly with a flat iron. so no the top section, we’re going to figure out where we want our part to be. I usually go off to this side but you can do whatever you like.

this one we would also going to do the same thing alternate directions but make sure this front piece is going away from the face. so I usually take this whole section divide it in three. and because these hairs are usually longer you can do one turn to one and a half turns of your iron, and need a tea break.

this front one I’m just wrapping around because that’s my preference for the front area but you can do the same thing. I’m going to do the same thing except for the part that’s not symmetrical I usually save this part for last.

did you see how I just kind of dragged that one out clamping it in if you need a little bit more straightening then you got with your flat iron or you didn’t feel like doing the flat iron you can always drag the ends too.

gun for the front pieces away from the face, see drag. all right now for my last piece same thing just because I like my front ones to have a little bit of a different wave pattern even going the same way just rapping instead of clamping.

alright so while this is cooling off, do not touch it until it is totally cool and have a tea break if you need to I’m having a blueberry green tea today. and if you guys like this makeup look what I’m wearing I have a little get ready with me that I did with it so I’ll link that below if you’re interested.

super easy it’s literally two eyeshadows in a nice neutral lip everything is really simplified and just a nice fresh. easy look okay, now that I’m completely cooled off I’m just going to lightly break apart those wave patterns. then I’m just going to spritz my hair with some more lift.

honestly it I probably go a little overboard with this stuff but I am obsessed it is so so good. okay so some company to leave it like this sometimes I like to do the whole 90s flip in the front. tuck this side behind the ear I just love having short hair it is.

so stinking easy so that’s it just a couple minutes a big barrel curling iron and some texture spray. so I hope that you guys are able to recreate this super easy.

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