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Boy Haircut: 50 The Best Cuts and Styles for 2021


Which Boy HairCut? There are so many hairstyles for young men that it can be difficult to choose. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of over 50 styles. You’ll find everything from classic haircuts that never go out of style to trendy cuts that will put you at the heart of fashion.

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The French cut with skin discoloration (boy haircut 2020, 2021)

short boy haircut a times half long

If your little boy is looking for a more unique haircut, this French cut is definitely a cut to consider. It is simple and a little different.

Haircut boy 12 years: Mo-Hawk tiered.

Ideal for a little boy a little older, around the age of college, this hairstyle will stand out in the crowd. It is a short Mohawk that is very spectacular and attracts attention.

Short and textured haircut for boys

Boys haircut short hair

Short and bristly styles are one of the cuts of hair the most popular for boys. They are also very beautiful without style but a touch of product goes beyond for special occasions or superhero outfits.

Short haircuts for teenage boys

Teen Boy Haircuts

Most male hair trends can be suitable for boys and teenagers, especially if they want to style their own hair. The textured cuts and ruffled styles thati are popular this year cool short styles that are easy to style. Try a hair wax to get that textured look. It is an ideal product for boys who are new to the field of hairdressing.

Long haircuts for boys

Boys long haircuts

As we have already said, it is not enough to abandon the hairdresser to grow your hair. Regular cuts help maintain an attractive shape and reduce weight. With a good cut, the need for styling is minimized.

High discoloration with a line on the side

Haircuts For Boys - High Fade with Hard Side Part

Boys’ melted haircuts keep the sides clean, short, and simple, while a stripe on the side adds a classy but cool hairstyle on top.

Short cut with a thick comb

Boys Haircuts - Undercut with Thick Comb Over

The short cut is a trendy alternative to discoloration and is a great summer hairstyle for boys. Just like the stripe on the side, a thick comb continues to be one of the most popular styles.

Long cup pompadour

Cool Haircuts For Boys - Long Pompadour Fade

The pompadour cut is the perfect hairstyle for an elegant child. You just need to buy him a quality ointment or styling product to create this look.

Thick, textured fringe with short sides

Thick Textured Fringe with Short Sides

Fringed haircuts are back in fashion and this short haircut for boys is the perfect example.

Short sides and long top for boy

Short Sides, Long Hair on Top Boy Hairstyles

While short haircuts for boys will always be fashionable, long hair on top is a strong trend in recent years. With short, bleached sides and longer, bristly hair, these types of cool haircuts for boys are trendy and avant-garde.

Modern hard-line haircut for boys

Modern Boys Hard Part Haircut

As children’s haircut styles continue to evolve, you’ll notice a few unique twists in the example above: the line around the temples and hairline, and the hard part shaved into the hair to create a cool side part. This awesome look, which is one of the most popular new hairstyles for boys, will make your little boy very happy with his latest haircut.

Comb with a hard part and a skin fade

Comb Over with Hard Part and Skin Fade

The comb is always a cute haircut that is suitable for all boys. Versatile and elegant, this modern comb hairstyle is associated with a gradient on the sides and a stingray. If your little boy has thick, straight hair, he can settle for a natural style without a product. However, a good ointment or gel for children will give him a nice shine and some control for special occasions.

Curly fringe with strong discoloration

Curly Fringe with High Fade

While curly hair can be difficult to manage and style, curls can add a unique texture unmatched by other hair types. With a tapered fringe on the sides and long curly hair hanging on the forehead, this trendy hairstyle stands out. The style also offers volume and movement without rigidity, making it a perfect haircut for active children.

Smooth back with medium fade and pattern

Slicked Back Hair with Mid Fade and Design

For a bolder gradient haircut for boys, try this gradient back with a hair pattern. The medium gradient is superb on the sides and back, and the unique mix is super modern and short. With short to mid-long hair on top, the Boys have the opportunity to stylize a variety of good looks. This textured hairstyle features a brushed top back for easy styling.

Fake falcon for boys with short sides

Fake falcon for boys with short sides

The fake falcon has always been a cool hairstyle for little boys. With short sides and long hair on top, kids are able to achieve some of the best hairstyles. To style a fake hawk for children, use a powerful ointment or gel to grow hair towards the middle of the head. Loose, textured and natural hair has been the growing trend in recent years, so this fake hawk for little boys is perfect and worth a try.

Bristly short hair with a low gradient

Spiky Hair with Mid Fade

Short and bristly hairstyles for boys can be neat and structured or loose and messy. With a low gradient on the sides, a line along the hairline around the temples, and a hard shaved part on the sides, this awesome hairstyle is fresh. You’ll also notice that bristly hair is paired with combed hair on the back, combining two cool styles.

haircut boy 4 years-Mohawk with fade

Trendy Boys Haircuts - Mohawk with Fade

Mohawk, fake hawk and bristly hairstyles can all be created with the same boys’ haircut. With at least 10 cm of hair length on top, your child can change their look depending on where they go.

Low gradient with bristly hair

Cool Boys Haircuts - Low Fade with Spiky Hair

Short and long cob hairstyles are one of the most popular haircuts for boys.

High discoloration with curly and shaped hair

High Fade with Shape Up and Curly Hair

Who said it was impossible to work with curly hair? This short and simple curly hairstyle is a fresh and easy to maintain style for boys.

Bald low with wavy hair brushed back

Low Bald Fade with Wavy Brushed Back Hair

This trendy haircut for boys is a very elegant look that your child will love.

Medium bald with side line

Mid Skin Fade with Side Part

Modern hairstyles with stripe on the side offer a touch of originality to a haircut traditionally reserved for men.

Brushed understying back

Brushed Back Undercut

Black boy haircut: High-end Afro with twists

High Top Afro with Twists

Short, messy hair with a discolored side part

Short Messy Hair with Faded Sides

Low bald cut with design and bushy hair

Low Bald Fade with Design and Brushed Up Hair

Undercut with side sweep

Side Swept Undercut

Tapered sides with a combed hard part

Tapered Sides with Hard Part Comb Over

Fringe of long, curly hair with tapered discoloration

Long Curly Hair Fringe with Taper Fade

Boys’ haircut with textured fringe

Toddler Haircuts for Boys

Fine or light-colored hair of toddlers should not be cut too short. This cut leaves enough length on top to fully cover the scalp.

Textured Undercut Cool Haircut for Boys

Cool Haircuts For Boys

Whether it’s the coiffure in shaved star or design headboard on top, it’s cool, but together they are unstoppable.

Buzz Cup + Discoloration for Boys

Boys bland haircut

This combination of a clean cut, a stingray and a fade is one of the most popular haircuts for men and children. She’s super short but so sweet.

Short haircut on the cob

Popular boys haircuts short and textured

It’s not too surprising that this short haircut for men is just as trendy and popular with boys. This cut is designed to highlight the texture, even without gel or hair ointment.

Haircut for curly boys + High Fade

Haircuts For Boys With Curly Hair

Older boys with curly hair will want this cool version of the trendy French cut with lots of textured bangs.

Mixed boys’ haircuts with natural curls

Haircuts for mixed boys with natural curls, haircut boy 4 years

Mixed boys tend to have tight curly hair. This high cut is a cool way to wear curly hair for kids.

Haircuts for boys with curly hair

Curly Haircuts For Boys

Here’s another high, tight cut for curly hair that clings to textured hair without the need to style it.

Footballer’s haircuts for boys

Soccer Player Haircuts for Boys

This undercut hairstyle, with a stripe on the side and a comb, is very popular with footballers because it is very beautiful, even during a match. Adult haircuts can have the opposite effect and make children look older by revealing their youthful traits.

Trendy hairstyles for boys

Trendy Hairstyles for Boys

We leave you with a very trendy look that is adorable for boys too. This is a heavy French cut with a lot of length and weight in the fringe. The sides are not too short and have a tapered fade for sharp ages. It’s the ultimate balance between cute and cool.

High discoloration with thick, textured hair

High Fade with Thick Textured Hair

Tapered discoloration with a textured cut of the neck

Crew Cut Taper Fade

Wavy hair brushed back

Wavy Brushed Back Hair

Disconnected undercut with smooth, textured back

Disconnected Undercut with Textured Slick Back

Messy mid-long hair

Messy Medium-Length Hair

High temperature discoloration with textured side line

High Skin Fade with Textured Side Part

High temperature discoloration with short, curly hair and stripe

High Temp Fade with Part and Short Curly Hair


Boy Mohawk Haircuts

Pompadour bristly with low discoloration

Spiky Pompadour with Low Fade

Low discoloration with a short top

Low Fade with Crop Top

High Fade with swept hairstyle on the side

High Fade with Side Swept Hairstyle

Skin discoloration with a French cut

Skin Fade with French Crop

Low discoloration with afro

Low Burst Fade with Afro

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