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Girl haircut: 75 cute haircuts in 2021


What Haircut Girl?  There will always be new hairdressing trends for us every season. What you need to do is look at them and bring them to your stylists.

Girl Haircut - 75 Cute Haircuts Whether it’s a short haircut, a straight square, or a long wavy hairstyle, you just need to choose one of your favorites. Also, you can add some braiding details to make your hairstyle more wonderful and alluring.

Scroll through this post to find more inspirations with our stunning haircuts below! Enjoy the gallery!

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Angular lobed cut for girls

Smoothed coil on the side for girls, haircut girl 8 years old

Smoothed coil on the side for girls

Little girls can be picky about the appearance of their hair, so it’s best to choose a simple cut that will go well with most textures. With short hair, try an angle-cut bob. This style is sure to please you and your young girl.

Textured bob for fine and straight hair

Haircuts for medium girls for fine and straight hair, haircut teen girl gradient

Thin, straight, slightly textured hair is easy to style when cut into a medium-length bob. Girls’ haircuts should be pretty and quick to style. The honey blonde color gives the hair a shiny and sunny appearance.

Medium haircut with V gradients

haircut petite girl 3 years mid-length for girls

Mid-length haircut for girls

You know well that cute haircuts exist in many lengths and textures. If your daughter’s hair is thick and long enough, try a fashionable cut with lots of layers with sharp angles on the tips. Such a fun fringe is great on the bright little brunettes.

Long strands and textured tips

Long haircut for girls, haircut girl 6 years

Long layers give movement and texture to the straightest hair. If your daughter needs a nice cut for her long hair, try textured tips. Ask for two different levels of long layers to make sure the hair stays smooth and neat.

Nice lob cut with metallic accents for girls

Lob Haircut for 7 Year Old Girls

The shoulder-length lob is a perfect cut for girls who are evolving their short cut into a longer hairstyle. It is a versatile cut, which can be separated on the side or in the middle, and is suitable for both thick and thin hair. It’s a cute hairstyle and long enough to be brought back in a ponytail quickly and easily for recreation.

Chic and fluid lob

Bob With Long Face-Framing Pieces

Chic can start from an early age, and it can also start with a long and elegant square cut. The elongated front pieces help the hair to fall nicely on the shoulders and give spice to the bob style. A long side fringe that blends into the rest of the layers fits perfectly here.

Long Hair with U-Cut – Haircuts for Little Girls

Are you looking for pretty haircuts for little girls? Simply opt for a U-shaped cut to keep the length of her long hair. Then loop them from the bottom using a three-barrel mermaid hairdresser to add volume and a little touch of fantasy. In addition, with long hair, you can achieve many other hairstyles like long and curly ponytails, braids and cascading hairstyles. There is no doubt that these haircuts and styles make your little girls cuter than before.

Long with bangs – cute haircuts for little girls

Long With a Fringe - Cute Haircuts for Little Girls

One stylish look for a little girl is undoubtedly when you leave her hair long and floating. A cute addition to this is to cut a fringe on the front. Long hair and front bangs are a perfect combination and easy to style! So, if your little girl wants braids, a ponytail or two buns, you can grant her wish! That’s what’s great about long hair, you can do whatever you want with it!

Pixie Short Cut – Amazing HairCut Ideas for Little Girls

A Short Pixie Cut - Amazing Little Girl Haircut Ideas

Does your little girl have a bold and bold personality? Be sure to highlight it with an awesome haircut! There’s no other haircut in the world that’s as bold as the Pixie cut, so why not try it? It gives a unique and adventurous look. While you may not think so, there are actually many creative ways to style this short cut. You can place all kinds of accessories in it, to give your little girl’s hair an extra shine. Add a side fringe or fringe to the pixie for an even more striking effect! Pixie haircuts for little girls are the best!

A messy long cut – Adorable and elegant

A Messy Long Bob - Adorable and Stylish

You can consider a shorter cut, but not too short! If you’ve ever heard of the bob, you probably already know how stylish and trendy it is right now! It is true that bobs are usually short, but you can opt for a longer bob! It will give your little girl’s hair just the right cutting edge as well as an adorable look. Add a fringe or better yet, a side fringe, to its long bob. If that’s not great, we don’t know what will be!

The Perfect Pixie – Haircuts for Little Girls

The Perfect Pixie - Little Girl Haircuts

As we’ve said before, pixie haircuts for little girls are a great way to show off your little girl’s bold and bold personality! Not to mention that the pixie cut itself is absolutely beautiful. If your little girl is not afraid to wear short hair, we recommend trying the pixie! It can be described in a few words, but the one that comes most to mind is “iconic”. Wherever your little girl goes, she will be super cute with this new and exciting haircut. For an extra effect, you can add some hair accessories to the pixie!

A nice bob – to bring out the best

A Beautiful Bob - Bringing out the Best

Most little girls like mid-long or long haircuts. An idea for an elegant hairstyle for little girls is to try a bob. It will give a lot of volume and definition to his hair, while being very beautiful! A standard bob is a great look, it’s not as short as a pixie cut, which can make it a better choice for little girls. You can add a fringe, for example, a side fringe will look great with this look! Also, don’t be afraid to add accessories to this haircut, you can beautify it in an instant if necessary! Feel free to try bob haircuts for little girls!

A bob with fringes – short and fun

A Bob With Bangs - Short and Fun

Here’s another example of a super cute short cut! Give your little girl’s hair an A-line cut, which means the hair on the back will be a little shorter than the strands on the front. Add a fringe to the front for an extra effect. This stylish haircut will bring out the best in your little girl’s hair. Bobs tend to add volume and definition, so if your daughter has fine hair, why not try bobs haircuts for little girls? This will give the impression that her hair is thicker.

A super short Pixie – A cuteness outbidding

A Super Short Pixie - Cuteness Overload

We’ve talked a lot about pixie cuts, but here’s another super cute example! For a pixie cut, you’ll want to be as short as possible, as it’s all about creating a bold look! Naturally, you will be able to add all kinds of accessories to his hair. Pretty hair clips or a headband are fantastic choices. There are also many ways to style a pixie cut to make it even more valuable. With a cut pixie, your little girl will feel like a goblin!

A wavy cut – a great choice for short hair

A Wavy Bob - A Great Choice for Short Hair

Keeping your little girl’s hair short is a great idea! And we all know that the best option for short hair is the bob! Instead of sticking to a standard bob, why not try a more messy version of it? If your daughter has wavy or curly hair, a messy bob will be perfect! Also add a front fringe to the haircut for an even more fabulous look! Naturally, there are a multitude of short haircuts for little girls!

Boyish cut – Haircut for little girls with fringe

A Boyish Cut - Little Girl Haircuts With Bangs

Here’s a super cute haircut. Although it is short and looks like a boy, it also brings a sense of fun and youth to the wearer. If your little girl is looking for something short and simple, then she might love this haircut!

Hair overlay – to add volume and definition

Layered hair - add volume and definition

If your little girl decides to keep her hair long and floating, why not add texture to her hair? You can easily achieve this by adding a few layers to her hair. You don’t need to layer all her hair, just the ends. The layering gives volume to all hair types. So, if your little girl has thin hair, layering it will be the perfect solution to make it look thicker.

The smoothed Pixie

Popularly referred to as a pixie cut, it refers to a style in which your hair is cut shorter on the back and sides with a slightly long fringe on the front. You can sweep your irregular fringe to the side for a cool girl look.

This haircut for girls, which belongs to the category of avant-garde hairstyles, is especially intended for those who have a taste for experimentation. The broader category of pixie hairstyles usually includes a bristly short cut, but the smoothed pixie look is an alternative for those looking to get a cleaner look. You can straighten and smooth the long strands and comb them to the side.

Textured Pixie

A textured pixie cut involves cutting the long braids of your current pixie hair and giving it a messy look. You can then moisten your hair with a styling lotion and wrinkle it to create a ruffled and fashionable mess. This is one of those types of haircuts for girls that you can’t miss when experimentation is the key to style.

The Messy Bob

Surely you have heard of bob hairstyle for women. Let’s associate it with a wavy haircut and here is the latest trend of the “Wob”. The wavy bob is one of the most popular women’s hairstyles this year. It adds a well-deserved touch of style and drama to your hair, giving you an air of “getting out of bed”. However, depending on your preference, you can also choose to keep your bob straight. However, it is imperative to emphasize the boldness of a messy cut compared to the usual straight cut, while doing wonders for the volume of your hair.


The Long Bob with side fringe

This is a classic cut for mid-length hair and fortunately, it’s as easy as it looks – all you have to do is get a fringe with hair of equal length for a simplistic look. If you want to keep things minimalist but refuse to compromise on the style quotient, then this new haircut for girls should definitely be on your priority list. This is one of those hairstyles for girls that fit almost any look. Whether it’s a casual meeting with a friend or a board meeting with the CEOs, this hairstyle will give you a trendy and poised look.

Multi-layer for long hair

When it comes to long haircuts, styling can become tedious very quickly. In addition, given the length and volume, the options can also be significantly limited. In this situation, the preferred option for hairstyles for women with long hair is that of multiple and long layers. In addition to crowning you with trendy hair, multiple long layers add substantial volume to your hair, making it look healthy, thick and elegant at the same time.

Layers with fringe

Speaking of layers, how about going up a notch and adding a fringe? This girls’ haircut gives you the right amount of look while keeping the base of the pretty girl next door. Popular among celebrities and fashion bloggers, this new haircut adds an element of eccentricity to your appearance while staying within comfortable standards.

The Multi-Layered Bob

Like the wob, this is another technique to add a bit of glamour to the stiff bob. Cut your hair short and in the same way as for a bob, but ask your hairdresser to add a few layers. Especially if you’re looking for haircuts for girls with round faces, this trendy haircut can increase your style quotient exponentially. Accessorize this short hairstyle for women with a lot of confidence and you are ready to turn many heads around you.

Classic and uniform length

If you’re the kind of girl who loves classic and timeless trends, this long haircut might be the perfect look for you. Ask your hairdresser to cut your hair to an equivalent length. A word of advice: get your hair cut with razors rather than scissors. This can add the right touch of contemporary fashion to this classic look.

The shaggy and messy look

If your personal style is an amalgam of effort and freshness, and you want the whole world to know about it, opt for the messy fringe look with bob. It gives you a dishevelled and trendy air while maintaining an air of discreet femininity. And the best part? This new haircut for girls is especially easy to maintain. If you’d rather spend your mornings answering important emails than taking care of your hair, this is the perfect option.

Easy Pixie Haircut for Red Hair

Easy Pixie Haircut for Red Hair

If you want to have a fresh and cool look this summer, the short cut will be your ideal choice. It is characterized by uniform layers of super short length.

Short hairstyle with fringe swept to the side

Short Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

The pretty short hairstyle with fringe will never leave the trend for girls. It’s also a perfect option for a cool summer look.

Cute short hairstyle for girls

Cute Short Hairstyle for Girls

The cool pixie short hairstyle with side fringe is a marked preference for our everyday look.

Short and wavy trendy hairstyle

Trendy Short Wavy Hairstyle

This special short, wavy hairstyle has a textured and voluminous top. It will be better suited for thick hair.

Long and degraded hairstyle

Taylor Swift Long Layered Hairstyle

All girls hope to possess beautiful long, blonde hair. They can be tapered to fit all face shapes with layers of different lengths.

Elegant ponytail with braid

Stylish Ponytail with Braid

Here’s a totally different way to make a braided ponytail for girls. The loose braid is made on one side of the head and is included in the ponytail.

Straight haircut

Straight Bob Haircut

It’s a very trendy way to have a straight bob haircut this season. The bottom line gradually decreases from the back to the front and ends under the chin.

Gradient short hairstyle for fine hair

Short Layered Hairstyle for Fine Hair

The short pixie haircut is pretty and cute for young girls. You can style the long front strands into side fringes to better frame your face.

Short and degraded haircut for blond hair

Short Layered Haircut for Blond Hair

The short pixie haircut with layers will be perfect on a round face shape. Its subtle fringe at the front can help accentuate your beautiful eyes and cheekbones.

Shaved pixie cut for fine hair

Shaved Pixie Haircut for Fine Hair

Here is an elegant way to style short hair for girls. For this elegant and luxurious look, you may need to apply a lot of hair ointment lengthwise.

Shaved haircut for short blonde hair

Shaved Haircut for Short Blond Hair

Here’s a wonderful way to give your short hairstyle a cool and chic look with a short shaved cut on the side. The upper layers are strongly tapered for a slightly ruffled effect.

Disordered top bun for purple hair

Messy Top Bun for Purple Hair

Easy updo is the best solution for a bad hair day. You can change the position according to the structure of your face.

Loose curly hairstyle for long hair

Loose Curly Hairstyle for Long Hair

Curly hair is going to be all the rage among girls this season. You can help yourself with a few hairpins to control the volume of your hair.

Long wavy hairstyle for blond hair

Long Wavy Hairstyle for Blond Hair

Romantic “beach” type ripples are the best option for an upcoming holiday look. They will be better for girls with very long hair.

Long haircut for straight hair

Long Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

The long haircut is one of the most flattering hairstyles for girls. She is fabulous on straight hair finished above the shoulders.

Wavy blonde hairstyle for long shoulder hair

Blond Wavy Hairstyle for Shoulder Length Hair

It reminds us of the retro glamour style of the 60s of having extra-large waves with your mid-length hair. The magical shadow color enhances this hairstyle in a beautiful way.

Medium wavy hairstyle

Kristin Cavallari Medium Wavy Hairstyle

It is seductive to have the ends of the hair styled in soft curls for girls. This shoulder-length hairstyle is enhanced by a trendy central part and impeccable facial features.

Inverted long haircut for black hair

Inverted Long Bob Haircut for Black Hair

There is no doubt that dark colored hair is capable of making any hairstyle hasttrayante. It’s a good idea to have a long haircut for girls with medium-length hair.

High ponytail with braids

High Ponytail with Braids

This is an interesting way to add small braids to your tall ponytail. This hairstyle is also a little different from the standard hairstyle of cheerleaders.

High ponytail with French braided fringes

High Ponytail with French Braided Bangs

Ponytails are the best choice for our everyday look. This time, you can add a French braiding detail to make your hairstyle full of interest and fun.

French braided hairstyle

French Braided Hairstyle

The chic French braid will make your hair glamorous and dazzling. It can create tons of natural textures on your head.

Long and cute hairstyle with braids

Cute Long Hairstyle with Braids

The mid-high mid-low hairstyle is also a great choice for girls. You can add braids on both sides to make your hairstyle special and different.

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