How to Balayage on Dark Hair Tutorial

Learn how to balayage dark hair to create a sunkissed Caramel Glow without damaging the hair. Watch Kim Vo, the Global BLONDME Ambassador applying a lacing technique for sunkissed waves with a soft play of vivid caramels and cream. Create a blonde that simply ownes the spotlight!

balayage dark hair

I’m Kim Vogel blonde me ambassador for short scope professional. I’m so excited so I’m here at the blondie shoot. I’m going to show you an amazing look for a new blondie collection. this look is all about the sunkissed look that embraces her natural texture.

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It’s a very soft vivid play on caramel and creams. it’s so casual but yet it just owns the spotlight.

Here’s my gorgeous model NAT she’s so beautiful as you can see her rich darker hair what’s great about her hair is it’s so gorgeous but we need to do if we balayage and give her a personalized blonde we’re in a balayage over this the challenge.

We want to really personalize this tailor this I’m going to show you how so you’re going to take horizontal sections starting from the back. I call that lacing imagine a lace and it looks like that you’re going to paint over that because lacing will allow you to balayage and seamlessly go in to really a rich deep color into a very light pale gorgeous color. I mix blonde me bond and forcing paint on Lightner 1 to 2 ratio with blonde me premium developer 6% and blonde me bond and forcing highlighting cool rose and warm gold that’s one to one with the blonde meet premium developer 12%.

I love taking in the nape area using the pain on Lightner to brighten it up a little bit more because this is where the clients are going to see great blonde great color from the front and the back so I go up three sections with that so taking a little bit larger sections.

I get a little bit of lasing tease it a little bit paint it on and it’s going to give you the wow factor right after that I’m taking a little thinner section.I love this balayage board it’s great for long hair too short hair Anker a lot of color right on that base and then I use that board to really just stabilize this beautiful look.

I like taking maybe a little bit smaller sections in the front and adding this wow factor to it so a little insight on each section and how you’re going to saturate it I like to incur the ends of the hair with lots of wonderful color to really anchors and gives that brightness. On the ends as i balayage the top I kind of feather it on and really delicately go on it and over the lace part it makes a seamless look if you just brush it on very delicately this makes a very seamless beautiful blend and the colors are bright and they definitely stand for something I love using these two lines and these three colors because you can leave them all up to 45 minutes.

I visually check around 20 minutes but you can make your choice now. Then we’re going to continue the front when you get that color you desire you’re going to rinse the back first then rinse the front when they both equal out.

Rinse thoroughly and shampoo with blonde me keratin restore bonding shampoo. Apply blonde meat keratin restore bonding mass generously and keep it away from the scum.

Leave in for ten minutes rinse thoroughly your client spent a lot of her precious time and money and we want to set her up with something that keeps that gorgeous color up so adviser to continue using the blog me tone enhancing bonding shampoo and mask and in the warm tones to keep up that gorgeous blend of caramel and cream.


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