How to Get 360 Waves For Beginners

Today we are going to learn how to get 360 waves. 360 waves are also known as “360s”, “waves”, or “spinnas.” This unique and charming appearance was made famous by rapper Nelly, and it is a popular appearance among African-American men. 360s make hair look like it has waves, no matter what your natural texture is. If you want to achieve this soft and handsome appearance, here are some suggestions that you can try.

how to get 360 waves

1.Prepare for Your Hair

1.Make sure that your hair and scalp are in good condition. This type of hair is not too much of a problem, but the more vulnerable your hair is to be permed, the easier it is to make waves. If your hair is long enough to curl, your hair will be long enough to wave. Make sure your hair is healthy so it will grow nice and long.

  • If you have scalp problems, or have problems with dandruff, treat these problems before trying the wave with a special scalp shampoo.

2. Visit a barbershop or hairdresser to get a haircut. There are several pieces that allow to start the style.

  • Cut your hair with 0.8 cm left, in a direction parallel to the groove.
  • Make razor style pieces. This is a horizontal line on the bangs.
  • Make traditional pieces of “Caesar”.

3. Buy some supplies. From this point, you will take care of your hair every day and care for it requires tools. Items that might be useful for purchase include:

  • Hair brush for men. This means a handle without a handle, designed to brush long hair. This type of brush gives you the control you need.
  • Wave shampoo and conditioner. Shampoo and conditioner will make the hair softer so it is easy to manage. If you don’t have a wave conditioner, ordinary conditioners can also be used.
  • Hair Lotion. Many men use Luster’s Pink lotion to add moisture to their hair. Other hair lotions can also be used.
  • Pomade . Pomade will help repair the waves in place, to your scalp.
  • Nylon head shield or spandex du-rag , or tight cap. You need a du-rag that fits tightly to your head. This tool is needed to place and protect the hair during sleep.

4. Be prepared to spend time on hair. You will “train” your hair, so this requires time and effort from you to reset your hair every day. If you are great at watching television or listening to the radio at the same time, you can feel this is a fun way to spend time.

  • All you need to do is extend the natural curls out of your hair, which then form waves. Think of your hair like a broken spring; when you release it, it has twists on it. That’s all you will do to your hair.

2. Train Your Wave

1.Wash your hair with wave shampoo. There are commercial shampoos made specifically for men that aim to make wave styles. If you don’t want to use wave shampoo, you can use regular shampoo, or even soap. Allows to get waves without using special shampoo.

2. Develop a brushing routine. After you come out of the shower , wash and use conditioner on your hair, use lotions and pomade , just enough to cover your hair, and brush your hair down, starting from the crown of the head.

  • You also want to continue brushing your hair at the top, toward your eyes, and brush your hair to the front but down, toward your chin.
  • Starting from the crown, brush the hair behind your head down, towards the neck. Imagine there is a small circle on the crown of your head. Move along around the circle, brush it out until you brush it all around the circle.

3. Brush evenly. Many men say they only get waves on the front and not behind. Which means that you have not brushed enough hair in the back.

4. After brushing, place the du-rag on your hair. This will help hold the wave in place. Make sure it’s tight, but not too tight. Let du-rag on your head for at least 30 minutes.

3. Keeping Waves

1.Keep hair shaving. Remember to shave your hair at least every 2 to 4 weeks, but leave your hair long enough so that the curling can develop. Talk to the barber about what you are doing and make sure your hair is not cut “against the groove,” as opposed to your combed.

2. Keep hair moist. Keeping your hair hydrated is the secret to a wave that looks good. Du-rag will help with this, so moisturize your hair with water before you use it. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

3. Continue to brush your hair and use du-rag / wave cap before going to bed. This protects the hair from friction against head cushions and covers throughout the night, which can damage all your hard work.

  • Brush your hair at least five times on each side at least three times a day. Brushing is what will put your hair in its place.
  • Don’t wash but rinse your hair when developing your 360 wave. Wash your hair every week with wave shampoo and wave conditioner .

4. Complete what is done. Your 360 wave should have been completed after several months of brushing several times a day. Maybe it will be longer than you should have at this point, but that means your waves will be deeper.


If you use pomade , be sure to put a warm towel on your head to allow the pomade to go deeper into the hair.

  • The thicker your hair is, the harder it is to brush it, the softer or more straight your hair is, the easier it is to brush it.
  • When you first cut hair, use a soft brush because your scalp will be affected. By the third week you can trade it with a tougher bristles.
  • If the hair is not curly, you need to use du-rag or wave cap for 12 hours a day.

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