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Matching Your Hair Color with Your Eyebrow Color

Your eyebrow color is likely the last thing on your mind when you’re getting your hair dyed. However, Christine Thompson, the color director at Spoke & Weal, emphasized that your hair and your eyebrows need to have the right tones to complete your look. It may seem like a no-brainer to use the same color for your brows and your hair, but this will only make your eyebrows stand out in a bad way. This harsh look will make your eyebrows look unnatural, in contrast to your hair color. So if you want to make your brows match with your hair, here’s what you need to know.

Go one shade darker if youre a blonde or brunette

If you have blonde or brunette hair, you’ll have to follow a simple rule: use brow products that are one shade darker than your hair color. This will make your eyebrows seem more noticeable without overpowering your entire look. As a result, you get more visible brows with a natural finish.

To illustrate, blondes can make their eyebrows look more prominent with a tinted brow gel that is a taupe color. On the other hand, you need to use a soft brown gel product if you have light to medium brunette hair. If your brunette hair has darker hues, it’s best to use a deep brown shade. By sticking to these colors, you’ll be able to define your brows for a more natural and harmonious look.

Stick to a softer brow color for black hair

Those with black hair have to go against the rule stated above. Since no color is darker than black, you’ll have to look for brow products that are one shade lighter than your hair color. A deep dark color will make your brows look unnaturally thick, so stick to a softer hue.

If you’re going to use a product, tint your brows with gel products that can cast a dark grey or brown hue. You can also use thin pencils in these shades to make your brows look thicker. Eyebrow microblading is also a great option for those with black hair since it uses pigment ink to apply semi-permanent makeup on your eyebrows. Unlike micro-shading, this procedure creates a lighter finish that will look very natural with your hair color.

Find the right shade of brown if youre a redhead

Red hair can also be tricky since many hues fall under this hair color. For instance, dark red hair has a cooler undertone, which is why it casts an auburn shade. On the other hand, lighter red hair usually has a warmer undertone.

In this case, you need to look for a brown shade with a similar undertone to your hair. Those with darker red hair can go for cool brown products, while those with lighter hair will look more natural using warm brown eyebrow products.

Check the undertones of your dyed hair for a good match

Just like redheads, you’ll need to refer to the undertones of your hair if it’s dyed in a different color. For instance, a purple balayage is a stunning and creative hairstyle that integrates cool purple tones with your natural hair color. Though the cooler purple hue is more prominent, you shouldn’t tint your brows in a purple hue!

Instead, match your brows with the undertone of the darkest shade in your hair color. If you’re a brunette with a purple balayage, go for a brown eyebrow product. On the other hand, if you’re a natural blonde who dyed their hair in a warm pink color, use a taupe eyebrow product with a warm undertone.

Your hair color and eyebrow color need to complement each other if you want a harmonious and natural look. Consider the shade and the undertones of your hair to find the perfect color match for your eyebrows.

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