Popular Androgynous Hairstyles in 2019

Some of the Popular Androgynous Hairstyles in 2019,

Usually, women are praised because of because of long and shiny tresses. However, after the Second World War, most of the women have celebrated and appreciated for short locks. The gender neutrality is now becoming the common cry across the world and this has significantly increased the popularity of the Androgynous Hairstyles and clothes. This hairstyle is in trend these days and most of the celebs as well as other people are accepting the haircut as a trend and style. This Androgynous Haircut is the ultra girlie thing and perfect for those who love to wear edgy and short hair styles which enable them to achieve head turning look.

Spur of the Moment Pixie, Whether you need a head turning look or simply want to upgrade your overall appearance, this Androgynous Haircut would help you to achieve the look by chopping the locks short. It was inspired by the Princess Ann which was known for making spur of the moment decision and she chopped her hair short. Today, this pixie has become a stylish and chic hair style which has been accepted by women globally. You will see many women continuing with the style and look.

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Slicked Back

The gelled back pixie is the hair style which has been adopted my most of the popular celebs today and this Androgynous Hairstyle is perfect for flaunting the cheekbones, eyes and jaw line indeed. Women with a larger forehead can adopt this hair style as it enables them to band fall over it and use gel for rest of the tresses. It goes well with all kinds of make ups, especially the softer ones and you can combine with any kind of dresses for a pretty and cleaner look.

slick back haircuts on 2019

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